Support Bush = Support Katrina!

If you support the current batch of Republicans in Congress or the Bush administration you support hurricane Katrina. Yes, you support one of the most destructive storms ever to land on American soil. You support people who relentlessly fight for the rights to continue all industrial activity that contributes to global warming. The Bush administration has been the biggest enemy that our environment has ever seen and the world is paying the price for it.

So pick a color for your “Support the Hurricanes” pins so that you can wear it to the next Republican National Convention! Think about it!

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  1. Olivia says:

    Hey, Jesse. Here’s my opinion on current events.

    Failing at everything he undertook, George W. Bush continue to live up to his title: MISERABLE FAILURE. Editor of The Times-Picayune in New Orleans, James Moss, (yesterday) had no qualms about using the strongest words to criticize Bush. “The feeble response ultimately is his failure, and it is a colossal one that may have cost lives,”

    There is no doubt in anybodys mind that Bush’s’ flawed decisions and protracted response to the emergency never experienced by Americans have caused lives yet to be counted. Just as he was handed the documents that contained Osama Bin Ladens plans to ram skyscrapers in the United State, Bush was handed documents predicting the catastrophic events wrought by Katrina. Just as he ignored the Alqaeda’s threats, he not only ignored, but slashed the funding that would have prevented extensive flooding in New Orleans. Just when (it became safe?), citizens of Louisiana, and Gulf States have been rescued from drowning, George W. Bush shocks and awes the country by appointing John Roberts Chief Justice to the The Supreme Court.

    George W. Bush is no longer just “a political loose cannon,” as once dubbed by Tom Morgenthau, of Newsweek. George W. Bush is a loose missile fully armed with the capacity to destroy all of the United States and what it stands for. By shredding the integrity of the protective mantle that shield Americans from inequality, this man-child, accustomed to having his way, strikes again at the heart of the nation. As if stocking the Supreme Court with justices that will carry out the agendas of those who made it possible for him to reign from the oval office is not enough. Now this! The appointment of John Roberts is a direct affront to the Justices already sitting in the SCOTUS. It is a blatant “Yeah right!” to Americans who oppose even John Roberts nomination to the Supreme Court. It is another preemptive strike. A preemptive strike that tantamount to a retaliation to a his growing unpopularity and plunging approval rating. It is a bitter last hurrah to power, for whatever history will make out of this man- child’s legacy, he will be remembered for many years for appointing John Roberts, a young man who could be Chief Justice for a generation yet to come into being.

    Your friend,


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