Why Some in the Media Suddenly Became Liberal

So a few members of the TV media have become human beings this week. They left their FOX News and CNN studios and became living citizens. Guess what happens when you do this? You become a liberal. Liberals live in reality. They see things up close. They understand humanity because they are part of it. It is their EXPERIENCE that causes them to become liberal. Only those who are protected from the bulk of reality remain conservative.

Conservatives don’t look at the health of this planet, the suffering people all over the world, the victims of American military and economic domination and slavery or the realities of their leaders. They simply bury their heads in their religious books and they learn how to think and what to believe by listening to their earthly idols in the conservative media.

Neo-conservatives are even worse. They are the Republican version of religious fundamentalist such as the Taliban. They are ideologues. They believe in ideology and have no need to open their eyes and examine reality in order to see if their ideas are working or accurate.

Maybe now a few people will wake up to the insanity.

I am not impressed with the recent trickle of humanity we are seeing from the lying bastards in our media. They have a long way to go before they make up for the very horrors in this world that they have helped to create. Think about it!

2 Responses to “Why Some in the Media Suddenly Became Liberal”

  1. Commie_Ricko says:

    Liberals are as bad as Conservatives! Don’t you remember it was the so called liberal Kerry who was a war monger also? Or how about the so called liberal Democrats that voted the billion dollar military buildup in Iraq? Oh how we forget so easily the diabolical minds of those that control both parties in this screwed up Capitalist system. It is money that rules us and the poor be damned and that is so evident whenever terror strikes from above! The rich flee clear or evacuate the building before it is bombed and the poor suffer the slings and arrows of pre planned horror from Bush the Conservative leader! It makes no matter, all leaders are managed by the money in America and it does no good whatsoever to vote anymore. I suggest we change and the nearest nation where Communism works is in Cuba and Bush won’t even let them send medical help to New Orleans! More shame on America!

  2. Jesse says:

    Good points Commie_Ricko. Let me correct my assertion by excluding liberals who do not act like liberals.

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