Katrina, Overlooked Points

3 points need to be made over and over regarding the response to Hurricane Katrina:

1. As our thumb twiddlers tried stared off into space trying to figure out how to throw food and water out of airplanes, China successfully evacuated a million people in advance of a hurricane.
2. Director of Homeland Security Michael Chertoff told Tim Russert , not once but twice, that he read the paper on Tuesday morning saying that New Orleans dodged a bullet. Russert did not seem to understand the ramifications of his statements. Chertoff, on TV, admitted that he waited to see what already happened before he addressed the situation. In other words there was no actions taken in preparation for the levy breaking. He was not prepared to handle the event until after it happened. This speaks volumes.
3. I have said over and over that terrorism is not even on the list of things that pose a serious threat to Americans (unless “terrorists” continue to get the help and weapons technology from our own government), and that The Bush environmental policy will kill more people than all terrorism in history combined. Maybe now people will start to understand that American cities do not do well under water.

It is time to start listening to the liberals on such issues. It is always a matter of time before people realize that the liberals are correct on such issues. We can not survive many more lessons so that the stubborn greedy right wing can learn these things at the expense of human catastrophe. Think about it! – Jesse, Editor, TvNewsLIES.org

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  1. patcul says:

    I agree. He tried to make sense of the situtation which can not be made sense of! We let people lay on a road, die, hunger, thirst, suffer!! I could not believe this happened in America. AND you New Yorkers - Guiliani - he only had to deal with a small amount space compared to this huge tragedy. We need changes and NOW!

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