Hurricanes: US, China & Japan - Compare & Contrast

China just evacuated 1 million people in anticipation of a hurricane. Japan is currently preparing for a hurricane. The US media may want to compare and contrast the actions of our government with the actions of the governments of China and Japan. They may also want to compare and contrast the actions of the leaders of these nations as well. Sean Hannity kept trying to put things into perspective about the relief effort, perhaps this little comparison would help to do so. Think about it!

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  1. Commie_Ricko says:

    Fox Pig News is reporting the President touching down from his air perch to help the people of New Orleans and it is another puppet show! The troops are coming in with raised weapons to kill the poor somemore and Fox News sees this as good. The poor and the black are still dead and dying and rotting in the detention centers provided for them! There is no end to the terror from this president and he smiles all the while he is stabbing or shooting! Off his ass now!

  2. drubinson says:

    re: your comment– TVNL Editor’s Comments: China just evacuated 1 million people in anticipation of a hurricane. Japan is currently preparing for a hurricane. The US media may want to compare and contrast the actions of our government with the actions of the governments of China and Japan. They may also want to compare and contrast the actions of the leaders of these nations as well. Sean Hannity kept trying to put things into perspective about the relief effort, perhaps this little comparison would help to do so. Think about it! – Jesse, Editor,


  3. voltima says:

    I’m so sick of the fucking media-
    I’ve had just about enough of the controlled media these days. If I see one more politician from Washington pat themselves on the back for allocating 10 million dollars in the Hurricane Katrina relief effort, I’m just gonna puke. All I can say after that is that I’m real damned glad Bush didn’t jump off Marine One at the New Orleans International Airport wearing a National Guard jumpsuit. I would have been forced to pull out the 9mm and fire at the television.

    What we have going on now is a very carefully controlled attempt by the Bush administration to attempt to place the blame on the government of the State of Louisiana. All I can say is read Governor Kathleen Blanco’s letter to President Bush, written August 27, 2005-that’s before Katrina struck. She had in-place an immediate and well-calculated plan. Ooops! I forgot, though; she interrupted his vacation. How senseless of me to not have taken that into account.

    You see, dear reader, Louisiana had 68 million dollars of its Federal Funding ‘pulled’ last year. We went from 71 million for the levees to 3 million! The only rationale I can come up with is that it must be that pesky war in Iraq sucking up all of our resources, not to mention the lives of Americans. On the other hand, I often wonder if the situation had been one where wealthy white people were on their roofs in Kennebunkport, Maine…would the rescue have been completed in two days? Would they have gotten immediate airdrops of water, food and medicine? After all, China just moved a million people in just one day in preparation for a hurricane. I think they lost a reported 59 lives.

    You’ll have to forgive me today. If I come across as sounding bitter, it’s because I AM! I’m real angry as a resident of Louisiana. I’m really angry that it took Bush 4 days to make a decision to do anything. (kinda reminds me of that classroom scene on 9-11) I’m angry because no food or water was dropped for the starving. I’m angry because the Federal Government ignored pleas from Louisiana. I’m angry at ignorant newscasters continuing to ask why people stayed. I’m angry because we lost our first American city, and it didn’t have to go down this way.

    I’m angry because people are still dying down there and bodies are floating in the water. As for the American Red Cross…LOL. I just can’t contain myself. I swear to God that my side is splitting. Why, you ask? Well, I called them to volunteer to drive to New Orleans and assist with the rescue mission. I will quote the phone conversation between myself and the Red Cross:

    Red Cross: Red Cross, are you ready to pledge your donation today?
    Me: Actually, I’m calling to volunteer to help with the rescue efforts going on in New Orleans.
    Red Cross: Oh, we aren’t doing that.
    Me: Excuse me? You must have misunderstood what I said. I said I’m volunteering to drive myself down on my own dime and assist in the Red Crosses rescue mission.
    Red Cross: M’aam. The Red Cross is not even going into the city of New Orleans until the water recesses. It’s just too dangerous.
    Me: Hello? I must have a bad connection or the wrong department. Is this the same Red Cross that goes into war-torn third-world countries?
    Red Cross: [Silence]

    I hung up the phone. Convinced I had just gotten some nut on the phone, I called back to the Baton Rouge office and was told the same thing. I then went to a friend’s house here, who is originally from New Orleans. He had just experienced the same exact conversation with the Red Cross! Then I come across a posted article that lists the salary of Marsha Evans with the Red Cross. Here it is, if you doubt my word:

    American National Red Cross
    emergency relief
    Washington, DC
    Top Person: Marsha Evans
    Top Salary:* $651,957

    Forbes Link to Red Cross Salaries

    No wonder their operating expenses are so high! Look at poor Marsha living barely above the poverty line. No wonder 50% of your dollars go to administrative fees!

    If you live in Louisiana and can volunteer, do that instead. Bring clothes, food, snacks, games, books, and magazines… whatever, to shelters for the people. Sit and visit with them. Hear their stories. If you live elsewhere, make sure that the money you donate actually goes to the people that are in need, not Marsha Evans mortgage payment.

    I recently thought of a man that used to be Governor of the State of Louisiana. Let me tell you, you couldn’t say a bad word about him in my grandparent’s house or you were outta there! In 1929, Louisiana had approximately 339 miles of paved (if you want to call them that) roads; he built approximately 3000 miles or roads. Your child could only go to school if you were financially fortunate. He instituted free books and schools and made roads accessible to them. His name was Huey P. Long-The Kingfish. Yes, he was criticized by many as being an oligarch and a socialist, but his distaste for government ran wild and he didn’t mince words. Below is but one such speech:

    (2) Huey Long, speech in the Senate (29th April, 1932)

    The great and grand dream of America that all men are created free and equal, endowed with the inalienable right of life and liberty and the pursuit of happiness - this great dream of America, this great light, and this great hope - has almost gone out of sight in this day and time, and everybody knows it; and there is a mere candle flicker here and yonder to take the place of what the great dream of America was supposed to be.

    The people of this country have fought and have struggled, trying, by one process and the other, to bring about the change that would save the American country to the ideal and purposes of America. They are met with the Democratic Party at one time and the Republican Party at another time, and both of them at another time, and nothing can be squeezed through these party organizations that goes far enough to bring the American people to a condition where they have such a thing as a livable country. We swapped the tyrant 3,000 miles away for a handful of financial slaveowning overlords who make the tyrant of Great Britain seem mild.

    Much talk is indulged in to the effect that the great fortunes of the United States are sacred, that they have been built up by the honest and individual initiative, that the funds were honorably acquired by men of genius far-visioned in thought. The fact that those fortunes have been acquired and that those who have built them for the financial masters have become impoverished is a sufficient proof that they have not been regularly and honorably acquired in this country.

    Even if they had been that would not alter the case. I find that the Morgan and Rockefeller groups alone held, together, 341 directorships in 112 banks, railroad, insurance, and other corporations, and one of this group made an after-dinner speech in which he said that a newspaper report had asserted that 12 men in the United States controlled the business of the Nation, and in the same speech to this group he said, “And I am one of the 12 and you the balance, and this statement is correct.”

    They pass laws under which people may be put in jail for utterances made in war times and other times, but you can not stifle or keep from growing, as poverty and starvation and hunger increase in this country, the spirit of the American people, if there is going to be any spirit in America at all.

    Unless we provide for the redistribution of wealth in this country, the country is doomed; there is going to be no country left here very long. That may sound a little bit extravagant, but I tell you that we are not going to have this good little America here long if we do not take to redistribute the wealth of this country.

    It’s more than apparent that Huey understood how wealth was formed and controlled in this country. He understood that only a few fortunate families controlled the wealth and that the rest of us were pawns on their chess boards.

    It often seems to me that history just continues to rotate like a ferris wheel. As the wheel turns, history just keeps repeating itself. We may ultimately be facing that same dilemma today, unless the people of the United States of America wake up and call for immediate change.

    I just heard some dummy call in to the Larry King show and I have to end with this. This dummy said that if Rudy Giuliani had been in charge in New Orleans, that the people would not have gone without food and water for 5 days. Was he talking about the President’s ‘buddy’? Rudy didn’t do anything different than Louisiana. He didn’t save 3300 people in the Twin Towers. As a matter of fact, don’t even get me started on that cover-up or the fact that Rudy also happened to be in London on the day of the tube bombings!! Coincidence or what?

    posted by VoLtim@

  4. Jesse says:

    drubinson is correct! Cuba is a model for hurricane preparedness. I should have pointed this out in my post.

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