Wanna Bet on Bush’s Response to Katrina?

Are you a gambler? Do you want to place your money on a sure thing? Well if history taught us anything it is how to predict the actions of the Bush administration.

Many people are wondering out loud about who is going to take the blame for the catastrophic failures of our government as they relate to rescue efforts, or lack there of, during and after hurricane Katrina. Will the head of FEMA get the ax? Will the press continue to report the truth until Bush is impeached? Will Cheney end up in jail for continuing to shovel $ billions to Haliburton (they got the first contract awarded to the clean up of Katrina!)

Jesse’s predictions: Here what you should place your money on:
Based on the past 5 years of watching the Bush/PNAC administration in action…based on all the people who were rewarded, promoted, honored and made rich beyond imagination as the result of failed jobs, (such as the failure to protect us from the events of 9/11…yes I know…they are complicit…but we can not educate the ignorant on everything in one blog entry!)…
Here is what you should bet on…
Are you sure you want to know?
OK…here it is…PROMOTIONS! There are going to be a ton of promotions, awards, tributes, metals and other assorted accolades sprinkled over the members of our government who have failed the American people.

That’s it…get ready for the promotions and such.

After all the FBI director who was in charge while planes were slamming into buildings got the Medal of Freedom. Our National Security Adviser who was clueless about issues that even Hollywood producers seemed to know about (flying planes into buildings) was promoted to Secretary of State. The list goes on but you get the point.

So if you want to know if any heads will roll…forget it…put your money on the promotions…you’ll be glad you did!

You heard it here first!

Think about it!

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