America No More

What has been made very clear by the invasion of Iraq, the Patriot act and the ineffective response by the US government to hurricane Katrina is that neoconservative ideology dictates that government is for 2 things: war & eliminating civil and human rights.

The notion of “smaller government” serves one purpose: to snatch the wealth associated with government and place it in the hands of the ruling elite. Contrary to popular opinion the economic state of America is moving along as planned. The costly Iraq invasion and hurricane Katrina, combined with ever increasing energy and health costs combined with “privatization” of many government entities, are causing the wealth of this nation to shift out of the hands of most Americans into the hands of a few (less than 10,000).

America is no longer America. It has been dismantled to such a point that it is hard to imagine any kind of real recovery without an all out world wide overthrow of our ruling elite. Think about it!

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