The Media Grants Themselves the Free Pass That They Had Issued to Bush

I find it interesting but not surprising that the American media has started to lay blame on the Bush administration for doing many things that have weakened our nation, yet they have not acknowledged their own violations of public trust for not reporting these things as they occurred. We will hear a lot about how budget cuts, cronyism, fixation on war and terror and general disregard for the common American have lead to many problems in Bushland. The media however, will not remind us of something I have been telling you every day for 3 years…that the media was hell bent on keeping this information from the public for 5 years. The actions that have led to the obliteration of America as we knew and loved it, from the shredding of the Constitution to the economic rape of the poor and middle class, were reported on a daily basis by the liberal rags, Bush haters and conspiracy theorists. The funny thing is the credibility of these un-American traitors is about as high as can be and the rest of the world is starting to realize that.

Credit however will not be granted to the “I told you so” crowd; not even by our close friends who told us that we are paranoid for all these years. And most importantly, the American media will transfer to themselves the free pass that they issued to the Bush administration some 6 years ago. As was/is the case with the Bush administration, thanks to the media, questions about accountability or responsibility for the disasters that took place under the watch, or non-watch of the media, will not be raised. Think about it!

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