Sean Hannity’s America

The newly elected government in Norway has promised to use more of their oil riches to pay for jobs, education and care for the elderly. I wonder what Sean Hannity and his mindless followers think of this? They probably use words like pinko, commie and the dreaded liberal! I wonder if they know that Saddam used his oil money to pay for infrastructure (before the sanctions), universal health care and free education through college for everyone (including women!) I wonder how the citizens of Sean Hannity’s America convince themselves that the American system of personal greed, most brilliantly exemplified by George W. Bush and his policies, is a more honorable and companionate system? How do they continue to fool themselves into believing that America is the “greatest nation in the world?” I’ll tell you how they do this…they simply ignore what goes on in the rest of the world and for the most part what goes on in America. What they don’t know…can’t hurt them! Or can it? Think about it!

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  1. slawson says:

    You are wrong about the National Council of Churches. They have spoken out against the war from the beginning. A letter was sent to the President, signed by 36 national religious leaders, condemning the war and the President’s actions. Please realize there is a marked distintion between the National Council of Churches members and the religious fundamentalists supporting Bush who really do support the war.

  2. Jesse says:

    Good point Slawson. I will restate my sentiments to a more general comment than one specific to the mentioned organization.

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