Safe to Return to New Orleans? Don’t You Believe It!

One of the many crimes committed by the Bush administration was the manipulation of post 9/11EPA information. The Bush administration had the EPA lie to the people of America by saying that the air was safe so that Wall Street would be able to open. This was proven to be one of the most outrageous lies ever told in history. Well they have announced that parts of New Orleans are safe from toxins and people can return to their homes and businesses. I would urge caution here. I don’t know how anyone, at this point, would trust this government with anything, let alone with their personal safety! Think about it!

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  1. drubinson says:

    Pls access the Village Voice-,lombardi,67520,5.html
    it has a very well researched article about the real situation re: WTC area poisons, govt obfuscation, and the epidemic of disease among residents, post residents and cleanup/care workers. Horrifying.And EXACTLY what we are getting and wil get re: New Orleans.

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