Nazis, Neocons, Same Difference!

The passing of world renowned Holocaust survivor & Nazi hunter Simon Wiesenthal, makes me wonder if our next generation will have the need to produce neocon survivors & hunters? Will people be hunting the criminals within our current government who perpetrated wars of aggression, human rights violations, the dismantling of our Constitution and electoral system and very probably played a major part in the events of 9/11?

If you don’t think that America today is very similar to Nazi Germany just question your friends and neighbors. Here is how you tell if they have the same mindset as the people who supported the Nazi regime. Ask them if they support, condone or cheer actions taken by their leaders that they would not approve of had they been conducted by other nations; Arab nations for example. If they answer yes, even on one minor count, they are paralleling the supporters of Hitler in that they support things that they know are wrong just because their guy is in control. This is not called patriotism it is called nationalism, and it is they same sentiment felt by the supporters of Hitler’s Nazi regime.

While the Nazi’s had a slightly different agenda, and I do mean “slightly” different, they were not as dangerous as the Bush/PNAC administration in that they did not have the means (nuclear weapons) to destroy the planet. Americans should have learned from history, they did not. This makes the people who support this administration worse than the people who supported the Nazis because Americans are letting bad history repeat itself. People who support the massive deaths and torture at the hands of the Bush/PNAC group are clearly as bad if not worse than the people who supported the Nazis because they aught to know better. Will anyone ever hold these people accountable? Will the term neocon-hunter some day become part of the American vernacular? I sure hope so! Think about it!

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  1. Kilia says:

    I just wanted to say that not only did I miss your newsletter on the week end, but I’ve been away from my computer for many days due to having houseguests and it has been a real homecoming to catch up on my TVNL’s. Yours is my most valued newsletter and I’ve subscribed to a few good ones. Thank you for communicating in this really valuable way - for our country, our citizens, our world and especially our sanity.

  2. Jesse says:

    Kilia, I am humbled. Thank you.

  3. Cecile says:

    I think maybe you’re going a little too far when you make the comparison between Hitler/Bush and the neocons/nazis. Hitler wasn’t a colonialist,he was a conquerant who wanted to make Germany as big as possible for his citizens and he exterminated people by industrial means, just because they were Jews, disabled persons or gipsies and because he hated them. Bush eliminate Iraqis not because they are Iraqis, but because they unfortunately live in the wrong place: a country who can product oil. Of course we all know he attacked Iraq on false reasons,he flouted the international rights, he killed 200.000 persons, he tortured people, and send poor Americans on the battle field to make the job in his place. And for that he’s a war criminal, but I think De Gaulle was too, because he also tortured in Algery and refused to free French colonies, but that not makes him a Nazi. I believe Bush illustates some kind of new colonization, the “business colonization”, where you take countries to make the maximum profits, by looting resources, but not to exterminate systematically every of the inhabitants. I don’t tink this is the aim Bush is willing to reach, and for that I refuse myself to compair him to a nazi, in any case, not about the Iraq issue.
    Maybe you can make the comparison when you see that he let hundreds people die in New Orleans, when he knew how great was the danger and that you ask yourself if it was volunteer that first aid came after 5 days…Maybe is there there some will of extermination…

  4. >>>he exterminated people by industrial means

  5. The Hollow-co$t has always rested upon a fundamental logical fallacy which requires that huge numbers of bodies be cremated very swiftly in an exceedingly short period of time. Depending upon which book one picks up, it is possible to find versions which claim that 4700, 6000, 10000, and even 42000 bodies were cremated within a single day at Auschwitz. The maximum number of functioning cremation muffles which Auschwitz had running together at any one time was 46. This means that we are asserting that something on the order of 102 or more bodies were cremated within a single day at Auschwitz. That already is implying the consumption of 4 or more bodies within a single hour at a single muffle at Auschwitz. But it doubles to 8 or more per hour when we take into account the records from Auschwitz which indicate a 12-hour operating schedule (even machines need to rest now and then). This puts us in a domain where the Holocaust Industry’s forensic description of Auschwitz in operational mode is simply technologically impossible.

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