The Bush Administration’s Global Genocide – The US Media’s Complicit Silence

Even when the entire American corporate broadcast news industry spends virtually all their time reporting on only one subject they can’t or won’t even give you all the pertinent information. As they have with Iraq, the elections, 9/11 and virtually every other important story the American news media refuse to report information that might damage the dangerous and vile people who are currently running our nation.

The fact, and I say “fact” is that hurricanes Katrina and Rita have become as powerful as they have because they picked up energy as they passed along the warm waters in the gulf. The warm water temperatures help to increase the severity of storms. That is a fact. What the liars and deceivers called the American corporate news media refuse to tell you is that human beings contribute to the conditions that warm the waters. They also refuse to mention how the Bush administration ignore and actually lie about science so that their cronies can continue to practice greed to the detriment of life on Earth. They refuse to tell the public about the moves by the Bush administration that has resulted in the increase in damage done to the environment by the greedy ruling elite. This damage as, among other things, resulted in the increase in global water temperatures (even in the Gulf!)

The media refuse to inform the public about the fact that the Bush administration has not only neglected to slow down the problems related to the destruction of the planet as it relates to the environment, rather they have worked non-stop to speed up the destruction of our planet. The media refuse to inform the public that the Bush administration, by virtue of their environmental policy, are murdering every living creature on the Planet earth and they have proven to be more dangerous than any terrorist or enemy of the state. The media neglect to tell the public that Bush and his administration are murdering them.

Very simply put, the Bush administration is committing complete and unbiased genocide of the people, plants and animals of the planet Earth with their environmental policies and non-policies. They are the greatest threat to our existence that has ever been known and the members of the media don’t seem to understand that they will die along with the rest of us. Perhaps they have gills and can breathe underwater?

When the media criminals bring themselves to mention global warming they pretty much treat it as if it were some left wing theory and they completely ignore the global scientific community and the multitude of alarms being raised around the world regarding this subject. This is one of the many reasons that prove that the American corporate news media and every single person who works for them are the greatest enemy of the American people. Think about it!

2 Responses to “The Bush Administration’s Global Genocide – The US Media’s Complicit Silence”

  1. Cecile says:

    Thank you so much for the work you’re doing to defeat Bush and his incompetent team about the question of environment, you article is really great and reflects very well the situation today!I think you in America have no other choice than demand Bush to resign, and still I don’t understand how the hell he did to manage to be reelected…
    Hope you can really inform all the planet about the danger he represents, and not only him, but almost capitalism, which is the real threat!
    Thank you for reading me, I’m french so please excuse my bad english

  2. Jesse says:


    Thank you for your kind comments!
    Actually, I am not working against Bush…I am working to inform the public about what is going on. It just so happens that much of what is going on has to do with the horrors brought to the world by the Bush administration and kept from the public by the corportate media…the real enemy of the people!

    I do agree with you that Bush has to go…but my goal is to simply inform people of what is going on;-)


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