Hurricane Rita Contributes to National (News) Blackout!

Before it even reached land Hurricane Rita has contributed to blackouts across our nation. I am speaking of news blackouts. Ever since Katrina hit our 24 hour news networks have not been able to set aside more than perhaps 40 seconds per hour to other news in this nation. With the exception of the Roberts hearings we have not heard any news from our “news” networks.

We have not heard about another recess appointment of an shady Iran Contra criminal by George W. Bush (the grand hero to people who committed crimes while working for our government!) We have not heard about the many deaths in Iraq, both American and Iraqi. We have not heard a word about the very suspicious situation in which heavily armed Brit soldiers dressed as Arabs were arrested in Iraq and then broken out of jail by British tanks! We have not heard about the Diebold insider who blew the whistle about top government officials knowing about the backdoor in their software that can let an election be stolen! We have not heard a word about George W. Bush (alcoholic with control over nuclear weapons) started drinking again. And we have not even heard that Chavez (Venezuela) has donated a million (1,000,000) barrels of oil to the hurricane relief effort.

We now have the 24 hour catastrophic weather channel, and they only cover American weather at that! I’ve said it for years but allowing these networks to call themselves “news” networks is catamount to false labeling! Think about it!

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  1. Cecile says:

    “hurricanes contribute to economy!”
    this was the shocking title of an article in a daily economics french newspaper, which higlighted that “hurricanes had generally a positive impact on GDP”, because you have to rebuild after the disaster…In France too “you can’t escape the media overkill”!Not a word about the deads and the broken families, just some kind of satisfaction for the good economic repercussions…Such a shame…I apologize for the mediocrity of the French medias which are lying and disinforming people as well as American ones do…It reminds me about a poster put up on Paris walls during the french May 68 revolution: it represented a bottle of poison on which it was written: “press : don’t you never swallow”.

  2. Cecile says:

    In France too, news blackout because of Rita: today, four newspapers were publishing on their front page: “the threat Rita” while in Roumania at this moment a thousand persons are still declared “lost” because of cataclysmic overflows, and the most important article about it counts only three lines in a tiny corner of the last pages…I think I’m gonna create the TVNewsLies French equivalent!

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