Support for Bush and Media Lies! It’s Obvious!!!

Here is how I know that the elections were rigged, the support for the Bush administration has never been large and that the media portrays a false reality to the people of this nation. I have attended several huge demonstrations against the Bush administration in DC & NY. The first one I had attended in DC had several hundred thousand people there. The one in NY must have had a million people or so because there were 3 avenues filled with people for 50 block each. Yesterday’s rally in DC had several hundred thousand people. I know this because I have attended NFL football games where 60 or so thousand people have attended and the crowds at those events did not come close to the crowds I have witnessed. Yet each event was represented by our corporate media so inaccurately that you can taste the deception. Each time the major news organizations have understated the crowd numbers by as much as 90% and if they show pictures of the events they use pictures taken early during the crowd build up, not during the peak hours where you can not find a place to stand because of the huge numbers of attendees.

So I ask you, if the media time and time again lie about the opposition to this administration and understate the global and domestic opposition to them why would I trust them when they tell me that there is domestic support for anything this administration does? Why should I believe their polls? Why should I believe anything they say after I have witnessed their continued blatant lies about the level of opposition to this administration that I have witnessed with my own eyes! The answer is I should not trust them and neither should you. The media is the enemy of the American people and our Democracy. Think about it!

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  1. Kilia says:

    Thank you for this glimpse into what is really happening. Images come to my mind of historic events that I didn’t “attend” but have seen pictures of such as MLK;s Peoples March on Washington, the Hooverville destruction, Henry Ford’s strike breakers, Marian Anderson’s concert at the Lincoln Memorial. My spirit was there in all those places and with the people yesterday too who are fighting for our life as a nation.

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