Sunday in the Park for George

This was sent to me by my co-editor:

A Handful Came to Honor Military Families & Support the Troops

They came to cheer for Bush’s war. They came to counter the anti war rally. They came to heap praise on their president for his leadership and wisdom. What a sorry group they were.

Their organizers had planned for thousands. The glitzy bandstand looked out on a sea of chairs prepared for a large turnout of real Americans to show their support for the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. In the end, a meager few hundred souls showed up. They came to prop up their trusted leader and his blind commitment to staying the course. They failed quite miserably.

It wasn’t only the poor turn-out that made this event so pathetic. First, it was the exploitation of the dead. Family member after family member of a dead soldier thanked George Bush profusely for waging the war that took the life of their loved one. And second, it was the concerted effort to portray the anti war protesters as fools and traitors and left wing radicals. That, too, fell totally flat.

They really tried, give them credit for that. It was a one-two punch. Hit the audience with a heart-wrenching story of valor and death, and then blame the protesters for not supporting the troops. Have a grieving parent or spouse share the real pain of losing someone in the war, and follow it up by someone telling Cindy Sheehan she should move to Iran. And so it went for hours on end, interspersed with sparse applause and isolated war whoops. On and on and on.

And then, of course there were the highlights, the moments to remember – the ones that put the icing on this bitter, poisonous cake. Best of all was the introduction of “a great American” to help their cause – J. Gordon Liddy! Talk about scraping the bottom of the barrel! It could be that many in the audience had no clue that the man they were cheering and applauding had spent more than four years in prison for planning the Watergate burglary. What a historic moment that was, witnessing the birth of Convicted Felons for War! Then again, thinking of Bush’s appointees, how utterly fitting.

Second best was Ronald Conley, a past commander of the American Legion. To the wild applause of his audience, he outlined a plan to deal with protesters – whom he blamed for losing the Vietnam War! Since protesters have the potential to destroy our way of life, Conley explained, the Legion had passed a landmark resolution last August. Among other things it stated that. “the right to protest must be carefully weighed and be responsible so as not [sic] to avoid enemy propaganda.” Mangled as this phrase was, the intent was clear: fascism lives!

Aside from the families, the afternoon was a venue for a handful of right wing talk show hosts, politicos and gung ho military men. Their common rhetoric, to no one’s surprise, featured three emotionally charged trigger words: terror, terrorist, and 9/11, while the continuous barrage against Cindy Sheehan and the anti war movement was relentless. It could be that the real anger on display was motivated by the embarrassingly small turnout for a dying cause. My money is on that possibility.

My money also is on Karl Rove eating a great deal of crow right now. His public dismissal of the anti war movement was a really dumb move. But he’ll atone by making certain that George Bush is spared any news of the massive rally against his wars and his presidency that took place on Saturday. You can be just as sure that Rove will keep his fragile puppet from learning about the dismally small number of Bush supporters that showed up on Sunday.

2 Responses to “Sunday in the Park for George”

  1. clix4free says:

    If You went down to the park today
    Your’e in for a big surprise!

    If You got down to the park today
    Your’e up with the latest lies…

    For every lier that ever there was
    was there to show their long noses because
    Today’s the Day the Warmongers have their picnic!


  2. Ed Egan says:

    Hello …
    “There are many questions Edward; the answers are the problems”
    many years ago a history prof said theat to me…an dthen he said,”Gofind the answers; there is where you will get educated!”….
    Sounds easy…..pretty difficult….hard to believe the present administration is acting the way it does on domestic as well as foreign policy …and cronyism to appointe dpositons……it is a though the Democrats and Republicansa are shifting philosophy.

    Here is my thought on this war; actually two thoughts…First our action in Iraq can be compared to the Thirty Years War in Europe
    and sceondly, it can be compared to our atacks on the Plains Indians and Indian removal from the territories……..thefirst comparison deals with the right of Protstants to be free fromattack fromcatholic nations….the right to exist on the continent of Europe as protestant Nation States….,,Muslim Nation States…do theyhave a right to exist in teh Middle east?
    And secondly, those natural resources in tehMiddle east ;namely,oil and natural gas……whoowns them…..the natural resources on the westernPlains and territories in the 1870’s….we werestarting out Industrial Revolution (1850)…..we needed resources…we took the lands…President Grant ordered the Generals to take the lands and remove the Indians…..then the land was sols by thegovernment to Railrads and mining companies…….when the figtingstops in Iraq, who willown that oil and natural gas?
    I believe wars are fouught for treasure and the political power that treasure brings to the owners of the treasure………
    Can we teach this to 8th graders…..hugh school teens…..wel ..when do they learn what actually happened out West and in the Thirty Years War?
    There are no easy simple answers to hard questions……
    I am sorry to say that the world powers are interested in just that….treasure and political power…bu corporate business deals…and when the deals fall thru like inSadaam’s casr…..leaders of powerful scorporate states choose war to gain their economic ends………China,Russia,and the UnitedStates…
    As Bette Davis said,”Hang on tight; it is going to be a bumpy ride!!”

    Let’s hope that a negotiated settlement on teh oil and natural gas rights can be reached by theUnited States corporations as wellas teh Middle East Corporations,the European Corporations and the Asian
    Corporations………see the pictures of allthose skyscraper business offices all over the world…corporation headquarters exist in those buildings…….energy and resource corporations……competing for treasure and power…… my teacher said,”The answers are not pretty, but they are there!”

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