Congress? Forget Them! They Don’t Work For You!

Every day I get bombarded with e-mail from different organizations urging me to write to or call my Congress person about one issue or another. I have had enough of this nonsense and you should feel the sameway. Congress does not work for you. You no longer elect them and when they are in office they end up working for the powerbrokers behind the scenes.

How many letters were written to Congress urging them not to give George W. Bush war powers related to invading Iraq? Over 95% of the letters and calls to Congress opposed the move, yet Congress ignored their constituents. They ignore us on virtually every issue. They listen only to the power brokers and money masters. That is a fact. When was the last time a bill that you supported was passed? If you can remember one, take a close look at it and see what pork was included in it that you oppose. Don’t fool yourself, Congress, with several obvious exceptions, is our enemy.

The few members of Congress who still represent their constitute don’t need your calls and letters telling them what to do; they already know. The others could care less. They report to a few people; none of which are you. Be they lobbyists, donors, the Trilateral Commission, the Council on Foreign Relations, Skull & Bones, The Illuminati, the Israeli lobby, take your pick, whom ever they do report to and represent, rest assured that it is not you.

Stop wasting your time with letters and calls. Don’t waste your energy working for the institutions that waste their time coordinating such useless nonsense. Instead you should be educating the masses about what really takes place in America today. Perhaps if enough people know how badly our leaders have betrayed us we would replace them all, for real, by whatever means necessary! Think about it!

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  1. Ravyne says:

    Jesse, I totally agree with your assessment of Congress. Very few of them work for the people and those who do get villianized by the rest of Congress. I think the only way we can show our disgust for these corrupt people is to stop voting for them. Stop voting altogether until they finally get the message that we are tired of their corruption. I believe we need a new party in this country, one that the majority of the people can agree on, one that represents the majority of the people. Thanks for your awesome commentaries. I always enjoy reading them!

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