Tom Delay, a Unique Scandal? 5 Years of Unmentioned Scandal!

While commenting on the Delay indictment on MSNBC, David Gergen (former presidential advisor) commended the Republican leadership on how scandal free the Republicans have been over the past 5 years. Scandal free? Is he living in the same world that I am in? They have been investigation free, accountability free, penalty free, but the Bush White House was founded on scandal!

Does Mr. Gergen remember how Bush took office? Can you say election fraud? Can you say election fraud 3 times? Can you say CIA operative cover blown? Can you say 9/11? Can you say war based on lies? Can you say Project for a New American Century? Can you say torture and human rights violations? Can you say Patriot Act? Can you count the Iran Contra felons who found their way back into government (Bush appointees)? Can you say forged evidence (Niger uranium)? Can you say John Bolton? Can you say religious right wing fundamentalist lunatics making policy? Can you say ear piece at the debates? Can you say AWOL Bush who can’t even remember his last 2 years of military service and can’t name his commander at the time? Can you say Karl Rove? Can you say missing billions in Iraq funding? Can you say Halliburton and no bid contracts? Can you Can you say Dick Cheney?

Holy cow…this is the dirtiest bunch in our history! Is Gergen on drugs? Is he on a steady IV heroin feed? Has he had a lobotomy?

Gergen’s made a point that he did not intend to…he proved that the American public is comfortably unaware of these scandals thanks to our criminal news media! The only way Gergen could get away with a comment like that about a bunch of thugs and criminals like these is with the help of the media to keep the lies alive! Think about it!

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