Mike Malloy’s Hammer Nails It Every Night!

I was getting my daily dose of reality last night by listening to Mike Malloy on Air America Radio, and lo and behold I heard him mention my name! Mr. Malloy has mentioned TvNewsLIES.org in the past and he has read some of our articles on the air before, but last night he read my blog, which was about David Gergen’s ludicrous comment about how the Republicans have been scandal free for the past few years.

At the conclusion of Mr. Malloy’s reading he kindly noted that “Jesse nailed it”, referring to the accuracy of my comments. I consider that high praise especially when you take into consideration that this praise is coming from Mr. Malloy, who “nails it” every single night! For those of you who do not know Mr. Malloy, perhaps it is time that you do. He is an oasis of truth in the vast broadcast desert. He says what needs to be said with the passion that it deserves.

While this note may sound like a “thank you, please mention me on the radio again” note to Mr. Malloy (http://www.mikemalloy.com/), I can only say it is not. I am thanking him for what he does every night, not just last night. This is an overdue acknowledgement of a person who brings complete honesty and valuable, uncensored information to a relatively mainstream (Air America Radio) broadcast forum. I lso thank Air America Radio for bringing Mr. Malloy into our homes! This is something that TvNewsLIES.org appreciates. Think about it!

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  1. Ravyne says:

    I just listened to the program, Jesse, and I have to say, Mike Malloy’s reading of your words were awesome! I love Mike’s passion and have been a long time listener. Thanks for giving him a plug here on TVNewsLies. I hope it inspires more people to listen to him.

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