Bushco Gets Away With Another Crime

The American News Media: Lying Criminal Bastards!

The Government Accountability Office said the administration had disseminated “covert propaganda” in the United States, in violation of a statutory ban. This is something TvNewsLIES and our readers knew without needing to hear it from the GAO. Think about this for a minute; the Bush administration, with the full unquestioning cooperation of the US corporate broadcast news industry, created fake news reports and aired them on news programs as if they were real news. Not a single “journalist” spoke out about this (at least none that we know of).

The GAO concluded that the American government did something that was ILLEGAL! They added that there was NO PENALTY TO THIS CRIME! This is a sad statement about honesty in American society and about how we fool ourselves into believing that we are a great nation. What other illegal act can any American take part with impunity? What other crime has no penalty? Answer: NONE!

This is another prime example of how the Bush administration has committed a crime with total impunity and without one word one from the corporate news media! Bush supporters continue to support a criminal regime with their eyes and ears closed while the media helps to fill their world with a false reality.

This is something every single journalist in the world should be outraged about and the American people now have 100% proof of the deception that is taking place at the hands of our leaders and our media. How much more proof do people need before they accept the fact that our leaders and our media are liars? Are the American people so oblivious as to not feel the pain of the bricks of lies hitting them in the head on a daily basis?

Journalists are supposed to protect us. Today they lie to us. American journalists do not stand on principles and it is quite obvious that they do not have any. They have no understanding of what journalism is or what the role of the journalist is. They are there to protect democracy. They are there to hold the government accountable to the people and to hold the people accountable to each other. They are there to set the record straight. They, the media, now have to be held accountable for their gross dereliction of duty. In reality, today’s news people are simply out to earn a paycheck. Some are out to spread their personal views. They are not journalists in any sense of the word. No matter how many lives you save, if you murder people you are a murderer. No matter how many real bytes of journalism exist in our media, if deception is taking place, they are deceivers.

The US corporate news media are now the equivalent of a bank security officer who takes payoffs to look the other way and shut off the alarm system of a bank so that criminals can pull off the biggest bank robbery of all time. The only difference is that in the case of the American journalist there is blood involved. There is life involved. There is global environmental survival involved. The media have not only taken the payoff but they are now part of the hold-up team. Every member of the American corporate news media is a criminal, down to the last copy boy in the newsroom.

No longer is there honor in working for the American news media. Journalism in America has become a shameful profession. They are the child molesters of truth. They are the lowest of the low and they are responsible for the ignorance of the American people to the events taking place at the hands of our leaders.

There is no limit to the outrage the world should feel towards the American journalist. To spit in the face of American journalism would be appropriate but insufficient. I can not think of an inappropriate response to the betrayers of truth in our media. Perhaps an American citizens’ version of the Patriot Act would permit tribunals for the members of the corporate media and allow us to set up our own version of Abu Ghraib for them. Even if we used the “eye for an eye” standard of justice, this would not begin to pay the media back for the harm that they have done to my country and to the world that we all share. Think about it! – Jesse, Editor, TvNewsLIES.org

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  • NOTE: I apologize for the angry tone of this message, but somebody has to tell it like it is! Once in a while I feel the need to speak the truths that others are afraid to say. The anger I feel towards the media can not be measured. If I did not have this method of fighting our enemies in the media (through TvNewsLIES.org), you might have seen news reports about me by now…thank goodness I have an outlet! If you pay attention and you take a close look…I am sure you will share my rage. Thank you for understanding and for giving me a forum to make this world a better place.

    5 Responses to “Bushco Gets Away With Another Crime”

    1. Cecile says:

      Everybody can understand what you feel. I got the same rage as you against those who manipulate our thoughts and opinions,those who lie to us and hide the truth, and I guess that people who can read what you write do feel the same. Thank you for your so strong will to fight against them and thank you so much to try to tell the world how we can’t trust those ones who are making us so ignorant and quiet!

    2. Eckfan says:

      Jesse, Don’t ever feel you have to apologize for speaking out. I just wanted to say thank God for you and for speaking out for all of us. I feel exactly the same way you do. And I feel so useless and such utter frustration. My daughter who is in high school has always wanted to be a journalist and has taken every class in school she could that would help her. Lately she has really been questioning if that is what she wants to do now or not. I feel for the children and the world they are growing up in. Keep up the good work, if it weren’t for you and others like you we would have lost our country totally a long time ago. I feel like America is finally waking up but I still don’t see much being done to do anything about it. And that is more frustrating than all the bullcrap in the first place.

    3. Ringwind says:

      Google: “Arrest Bush 41″

    4. Wolf says:

      You can’t imagine how happy I was to find a news site with truth and honor at it’s core. I was from the old radio where news was reported properly, honestly, without bias or opinion. If I knew how to get the word out there so loud and clear that it couldn’t be missed, I’d be the first to do so. There is NO excuse anyone you speak of can give that justifies all these crimes against the Nation and to blame equally are the People in this country too freaking blind or apathetic to do anything about it. Maybe if Condi gave W a bj in the oval office, Congress would impeach him.


    5. denizengt says:

      You speak passionately and strongly and I respect you for it

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