CNBC’s Ron Insana Propaganda Exposed on Live Radio

Anyone listening to Ron Insana’s radio program today heard Ron, with his 2 guests, US Generals Francona and Downing, field callers questions about the situation in Iraq.

I called in and asked 3 quick questions. To paraphrase the questions:

1. On Supporting the Troops: I noted that the Generals expressed the need for more money to be allocated by Congress to the occupation, and I asked how can we give them more money when much of it goes missing. I asked about Halliburton and the missing billions that play no part in their receiving more no-bid contracts.
2. I asked why, when the military has misrepresented the truth about news like the staged toppling of Saddam’s statue and the Tillman death, should we trust these people (the Generals)? I asked why independent journalists who are in Iraq are not the people we are asking these questions.
3. I asked why we have not discussed the Project for a New American Century and the real reasons we went to war.

When I mentioned the Project for a New American Century, Insana hung up on me. He stumbled badly in a rushed and inaccurate explanation about the Project for a New American Century being a doccument from 1996, and immediately went to commercial, even though there had been commercials prior to the caller just before me. It was obvious that Insana was not prepared for my question and that there was confusion in the room among the guests as to how to handle it. So, instead of handling my questions, they pretended it had never been asked. When Insana came back from commercial he took the next call, never addressing any of my points.

I was the only caller whose questions were not discussed. There were other callers who had their questions interrupted by commercials, but their questions were addressed after the show returned to the air.

My questions were ignored and Insana and his guests pretended that they were never asked.

So tell me…where is the truth when an American can not get an answer to a question about his government? Where is the truth when military representatives are the only source of information about an illegal military operation that is failing? Where is the truth when a talk show host pretends to bring information to the public and then refuses to answer questions that might inform the public of the truth?

You can bet that a Pentagon or White House censor was standing nearby when they took my call. I would bet the ranch that a censor gave the order to go to commercial.

Again, I reiterate my challenge to the media: Put me on the air with any mainstream media talk show host or pundit and I guarantee that the people of this nation will realize how badly our media lie to them with every breath they take!

It’s time to expose the liars and I’m the one who can to do it! I just need you to help me get noticed by the people in charge! Spread the word…maybe we can make a difference! Think about it!

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