Making a Difference?

Yesterday I was talking to a young man who sells me (and recommends to me) many of the documentary DVDs I offer to our donors. Whenever I go visit him I torture the poor guy with some reality based information. I knew that I probably looked a little crazy to him, as I must to many people who are not aware of the reality behind the façade of the mainstream media. He was nice and tolerated my insane sounding reality bytes.

After this past September 11th this nice man told me that he saw one of Jimmy Walter’s Reopen 9/11 Investigation commercials. This made him curious so he poked around Jimmy’s site and he started to ask common sense questions about the event. Last week I gave this nice man a copy of Loose Change (about 9/11) and a CD containing several documentaries.

Well yesterday this nice man told me about his new found curiosity and his new understanding of reality. He also made a donation to and requested the Hijacking Catastrophe DVD about the PNAC neocons and their insane agenda. I took this a very positive sign!

I told him never to believe me, or anyone, just because we say things that he wants to hear. There is enough proof out there to verify information so he does not have to simply trust people who pass information on to him. I told him to stay curious and ask common sense questions. His appreciative response was for me a victory. If I had anything to do with sparking his curiosity I feel that my hard work is having a positive affect on the world. I would like to welcome one more person into our “think for yourself” community! Maybe we can wake the world up one person at a time! Think about it!

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