Conservative Revolt Over Miers? Are You Bying It?

Are you buying the notion of a conservative revolt over the selection of Harriet Miers for Supreme Court justice? To me this stinks of a well organized misdirection campaign.

The Rove led Republican party have been locked in step as they have followed 5 years of scripted talking points as dictated by Rove. The same phrases and positions appeared simultaneously throughout every level of the Republican party on issue after issue. The right wing media pundits are also recipients of these talking points. Remember when phrases like “class warfare” and “flip flopper”, proliferated the airway in a blink of an eye. The same can be said for many of the positions and PR campaigns emanating from the White House. Now, without an obvious reason, the conservatives are revolting over a Bush pick. What’s to revolt? Are they kidding me? We are talking about Bush’s personal council here. What do they think her positions are? Do you think she would have allowed a recount and let Al Gore take the oath that this nation elected him to take?

William Kristol for example, appeared on virtually every network, either in person or by reference, voicing his feelings of betrayal by Bush with the Miers pick. Am I expected to believe that the chairman of the Project for a New American Century, the think tank that owns and operates George W. Bush, is being betrayed by Bush? Nonsense.

In my opinion this entire revolt thing will vanish before your eyes when it comes down to the actual vote on Congress. I think this may be a psychological ploy to make liberals and people who still cherish their civil rights, think that Miers will not march this nation towards a radical religious right wing theocracy. That is exactly what she will do. The unsuspecting liberals and true patriots will take the revolt as a sign that the left should be comfortable with the pick and they will support her selection without ever actually checking into her true positions or history.
I admit that I may be wrong on this one but if I have learned anything over the past 5 years is that the Republican leadership has a vice grip on their party. This vice grip is so tight that the Republicans and Conservatives have advanced 5 years of agenda that go against virtually every conservative Republican principle yet the religious agenda has been advanced along the conservative line without a hitch. For 5 years they have followed their leaders, not their principles. Why would I believe that something has changed? Roe Vs. Wade is history if she gets in and everyone knows it. To me…it’s a new tool in their brilliantly designed bag pf tricks. Think about it!

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  1. rbank says:

    Thanks for all the information you send everyday. I was watching CNN today while I was ironing. They had 2 senators on talking about the earth quake in Asia. The second leading republican stated that we have just dealt with our own man make disaster. Wolf corrected him. I wondered why our huricanes had worked out so well for george even if he just let those people die. I somehow do not believe that so few people died in LA. If any one would have told me thirty years ago that I would be seeing the things that are happening in or government I would have told them they were crazy. 33 years ago I read a book put out by the fundimentalist church called the Late planet Earth. It talked about a religious govenment that distroys our country. After george stole the first election I started really paying attention. After 911 I was dismayed to see how the government was using god all the time. I then realized that the same group that said to be careful where now taking over our government. It really makes my sad and angry. I call my senators almost daily but nothing is being done. I feel so helpless and angry.

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