60 Minutes Continues the Media’s Mass Distraction Campaign!

Last night 60 Minutes continued their PNAC propaganda campaign. They ran a story (one sided) about the actions, or non-actions of the Clinton administration that may have led to the strengthening of al Qaeda. OK…points taken. Now let me ask this…when will the media start looking at the members of presidential administration who seem to have nefarious connections and have been in positions to enable or prevented key many events throughout history? Many of these events are credited to (or blamed on) a president. But who are the people behind the scenes pulling the strings and influencing presidential decisions?

Read the book by FDR’s nephew where he admits that for years he believed that FDR created many historic policies. Eventually he found out that virtually all of FDRs policies and decisions were prepared for him in advance by the Council on Foreign Relations (CFR).

The Clinton administration was comprised of over 400 members of the Council on Foreign Relations. People from secret societies (yes, CFR is a secret society as is the Trilateral Commission …look it up) seem to dominate every administration regardless of what party holds the presidency. The window dressing changes with each election but the leadership body stays the same. When will the public learn more about the real powers behind our government? When will we learn more about the people who are actually in positions that affect history?

Take a look at the member lists of these organizations. Take a look at how many members of the corporate media are members of these organizations. On screen and executive management news media people are members of these groups yet they never disclose this to the public. They won’t deny it…they just don’t disclaim this obvious journalistic conflict of interest. Ask yourself why.

When Peter Jennings hosted one of the most blatant cover up news programs in history last year about the Kennedy assasination, I wondered why he took part in this easily debunked attempt to cover up the truth. His unsubstantiated special made claim after claim while it ignored the testimony of hundreds of witnesses including the doctors who tried to save JFK’s life that day. He ignored recorded history in the form of filmed news reports and interviews. Then I realized that Jennings, a suposed journalist, attended the secretive Bildergerg goup meetings. Google that organization…ask yourself why you don’t know about them. Then you will understand how the media is in on the massive deception of the American people, hiding the real power behind our government. Then you till understand why Jennings lent his face and reputation to that sad attempt to distract you from the truth about the Kennedy assasination.

If you notice when I discuss the Bush administration I almost always describe them as the Bush/PNAC administration. I pay attention to the people within the administration who are the movers and shakers. These people impact everything that a President does. This is why I focus on PNAC these days, not so much Bush. It’s time we start looking at the people behind the scenes of all these administrations, Republican & Democratic. I think you will be surprised when you find out how much they have in common and how their connections all seem to lead to the same places; none of which are elected officials.

60 Minutes can slam or praise Clinton all they want to…they can protect or expose Bush if they want to as well…but they still distract you from the real powers behind the presidency…and that my friend is pure and simple deception! Think about it!

Shameful plug: We carry some DVDs on the secret societies if you would like to learn about them. We are 100% nonprofit. I (Jesse, the editor of TvNewsLIES.org) do not make ANY money from this…it all goes towards the fight for truth! Check the main site for links to the DVDs. LINK

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