Mike Malloy Cries Rape! (For Us!)

If you happened to have heard Mike Malloy’s radio program last night you heard a show that is time capsule worthy. Mike did something that journalists across the nation should have done years ago, he openly, on the air told the radio networks that host his program that he is about to say things that they may not like but he was going to say them anyway. He told them that what he had to say was the ugly truth and that if they did not like hearing it they should drop his show! That, my friends, is integrity! He did not pander to a paycheck. He stood up for the truth.

While Mike is not a journalist in the sense that he is loaded with opinion (and emotion), he carries the torch of a journalist as he delivers complete news and information to his listeners. His open hostility has no place in journalism but it is completely called for among our population.

What is going on in this nation is beyond acceptable and our response to this should not have to be acceptable to the people who refuse to open their eyes and ears to reality! If someone is being raped they are told to scream, punch, kick and yell. Well our nation is being raped and Mike Malloy is yelling for us! Think about it!

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  1. Eckfan says:

    I wish the rest of the crew on Air America Radio had the balls of Mike Malloy. My kids were praising Al and Randi, I told them that was nothing and had them listen to Mike, they were astounded. I don’t think Mike has much to be worried about his employers, but I do worry about other things. I’ve said it here before, but I’ll say it again, thank God for Jesse and Mike, they are that’s keeping me sane in all this insanity. I was amazed yesterday at the media. They acted like this was the first scripted interview that Bush ever did. EVERYTHING Bush says and does comes straight from a script. They acted so surprised. How sickening.

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