George W. Bush, the Pretend President

For those people who still think that the current occupant of the White house has not been a lying bastard or that he has actually had a thought of his own, the fake “discussion” with troops the other day may finally wake you up! Not only was your wonderful leader caught red handed in another pre-scripted public event but he lied to the American people in the process.

One of the so called troops was actually a PR person. Bush played along as if he recognized her from an event after 9/11 but in reality this person was not exactly who she claimed to be. Bush went along with the script as he helped to deceive the public.

There has not been one single event where Bush was exposed to a public or press that was not carefully screened. Even during public events have been staged so that anyone who objects to the policies of Bush/PNAC, are banished to “free speech zones”. Imagine that; in Bush’s America free speech does not exists so they have to create little pockets for it. For 5 years the public, with complete cooperation and assistance from our corporate media, a false reality has been portrayed to the public.

Bush can’t answer a question on his own, he needed an earpiece to help him through a debate, he needed Cheney by his side for the one hour of his life that he granted the 9/11 Commission and he only accepts questions from prescreened obedient friendly and police reporters. His entire public image is a sham. I would challenge him to a public debate on just about any topic just to show the public how easy it would be to cause him to have a nervous breakdown. George W. Bush is a creation of a public relations effort. He is an actor trying to keep up with his lead role when in reality he should be doing what many bad actors do, he should be bussing table.

George W. Bush has not had an original thought since he was born. His policies are created for him by the Project for a New American Century. His words are prepared for him. His questions are prepared for him. His entire presidency is that of an actor that needs to be taught his lines and reminded of them prior to each scene. He requires the use of a teleprompter or an earpiece to make it through a scene. He needs to have the play constantly explained to him because he had not even read the screenplay prior to his audition and he still has not read it after the show has been running for 5 years. He still does not know enough about the production to explain it in detail, only in little general discriptions as if you are watching a commerical for a movie where the commercial never really tells you what the movie is about, only that it is exciting and it will scare you!. It’s pathetic, it’s outrageous, it’s criminal and it is a complete sham.

Not only has America and the world been fooled but the entire tenure of George W. Bush as president of the Unites States has been one big Hollywood screen play. It’s a joke. He is an actor playing front man for PNAC and he is a bad actor at that! It’s pathetic. Think about it!

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  1. rbank says:

    Thanks Jesse, I have thought the same but not many people are willing to talk about it. Most democrates are so into their own little world. We are so divided on the left that it is hard to fight them. I am a social worker and work with the mentally ill population The sad part is that we have a mentally ill substance abuser running our country. He has no judgement or insight. His delusions have resulted in the death of 1960 of our children. Beccy Bank

  2. rbank says:

    I’m tired of seeing Condi up laying everything w. gets himself in trouble. How many more times will that Bitch lie to us and we call it news. Now Freah is out smearing Bill Clinton. Any thing to get the focus off Bush and the deaths in Iraq. Does any one know how many of our children have died in w’s other war?

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