Bush’s Staged Meeting With the Troops - More Important Than You Think!

As the Sunday morning “news” programs proceeded I noticed something very obviously missing. I was glad to see that they were talking about the Plame investigation but I was not surprised to see that every one of these tabloid politic pulp-semi-fiction programs ignored the staged media embarrassment where Bush had a scripted and rehearsed “impromptu” meeting with the troops.
The staged event was of great importance because it is a prime example of how the Bush administration, with the help of the media, had engaged in full blown in your face unadulterated tax payer funded corporate news media supported troop abusing lying to America propaganda.

This was a “caught in the act” example of the Bush administration’s practice of creating a false reality by creating fake news. It was also an example of how the news media is part of the deception by delivering this propaganda without question. That event was of far greater importance than anyone has indicated to date. It is another smoking gun exposing the devious nature of the Bush/PNAC administration and the American news media. Think about it!

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