TVNL Radio - 10-16-2005

Today is the first progam of our re-launch. Thanks to Monks Media Radio Network we are back on the air.

LIVE 12 Noon ET - Call-in: 317-776-4130 AOL IM; tvnewslies

Today’s program will start with an outline of what the program and the TvNewsLIES website is all about. During the second hour we will be visited by Brad Friedman of Brad will be discussing election fraud that has taken place right here in the good old USA! Still think you live in a democracy? Think again! Always expect a few surprises from Brad!

Comment on the news of the day: This morning on CNN there was an American soldier in Iraq being interviewed about his experiences in Iraq. He discussed how his unit was attacked daily and several of his fellow soldiers were eventually killed. He also said that there have been no attacks on his unit in 4 months. He said that the locals finally got the hint after the Americans started to bomb their date tree groves. Well…this is a war crime! This is a crime against humanity and it violates the Geneva Conventions. Destroying the food supply of a civilian population is a war crime! It also violates the rules against collective punishment; another convention violation. This is a common practice of the Israelis in the occupied territories and it is now the practice of Americans in occupied Iraq. Do you understand why some Arabs want to kill us?

Some read along material for today’s program:

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  1. randyinwa says:

    And please don’t forget about what the media doesn’t even tell us… In the 2004 presidential election, presidential candidates Michael Badnarik (Libertarian) and David Cobb (Green) were arrested in AZ, crossing police lines at the UAZ presidential debates.

    AP wire put out a few lines, but there was NO major news media coverage of the event.

    Michael Badnarik was on more ballots than Ralph Nader. How in the world could two presidential candidates be arrested and not be major news, other than it being a very intentional news media black out.


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