Bloggers Vs. Corporate News. Bloggers Win!

Are you paying attention to the bloggers these days? They seem to be the only people out there investigating anything these days. The corporate news organizations are happy to deliver information that is handed to them by the authorities while the bloggers seem to actually research and investigate events.

The bloggers are still picking apart that criminal propaganda fake meeting between Bush and the troops. They have identified a second shill among the crowd. Are the corporate news criminals simply too stupid to find this out or are they criminally unwilling to do their job as journalists? It’s time to give credit where credit is due and acknowledge the fact that bloggers are now the trusted journalists who are trying to preserve our democracy while the corporate news cronies are the enemy of that democracy!

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  1. rbank says:

    I was so happy today. I was doing home visits and listening to talk radio. It finally came out on the air waves that George and friends were behind 911. I couldn’t listen to much because I had to see my client but I was excited. PBS today, maybe my prayers are being answered. Beccy Bank

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