CNN Continues to Lie to Us About Global Warming!

What’s the matter CNN, you can’t find 2 people on the planet to push your propaganda? CNN continued their campaign to misinform America about the urgent and dire global warming situation. They continue to prop up the same guest from NASA so that they can make the point that it is too early to actually prove that global warming is having an impact on the record breaking storms we are experiencing. This is like saying that we really have to wait until the autopsy to prove that a corpse is dead.

Here is a little tip for CNN…try getting a second opinion. There are about 10,000 scientists willing so set the record straight for you; try expanding your guest pool. There are also a few people in the southern part of this nation who may be willing to shed some light on the topic.

CNN, along with every single corporate news organization in this country, have addressed environmental news with the same logic, verve and integrity that tobacco companies used to defend their death causing products for decades. CNN, the most trusted name in news? How sad is that? Think about it!

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