Hey Bush Turncoats: Just Shut Up and Apologize!

What’s changed? Why are all these Bush supporters speaking out against the administration now? What do we know now that we did not know before the stolen election? Where was all the media attention when the group of former diplomats and senior military leaders tried to alert the nation about the damage that the Bush administration had done?

I see all these people and media organizations suddenly speaking out. Well there have been a lot of us reporting the realities of the Bush administration for years now. Nothing is new.

Take notice of every issue being discussed with the exceptions of Bush’s handling of Katrina and his selection for Supreme Court Justice. Every issue they are talking about predates the invasion of Iraq. We reported about the forged evidence back before the invasion. Why is this news now?

What you are witnessing is a wave of people trying to save face. They are all chickens because they did not speak up earlier. The vocal anti-Bush protestors, who have been marching in the streets for years and subjecting themselves to the vile and uninformed ridicule of the blind followers of the Bush/PNAC lie machine, are the only people who should be proud of themselves. Everyone else should just shut up about Bush, apologize to the anti-Bush crowd and admit that the anti-Bush community has been correct all along! Think about it!

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  1. rbank says:

    I agree, but the crazy papaganda is still getting out. My mother sent me a email about how we have to stay and fight or we will be invaded by the moslems. I remember when I was supporting John Kerry and how people were so mean. I was a baby killer because he believes in abortion. I don’t think I will ever get over the last two elections. It was so very ugly. My mother always taught me not to lie and that she is supporting someone who lied breaks my heart. We are so divided and I find that it really hurts. Beccy Bank

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