The Media’s Questions About the War? What Questions?

The news media is suddenly declaring that the CIA case is forcing them to RE-examine the justification for the invasion of Iraq. Key word there being “RE”. When the hell did they examine the justification in the fist place? It was only the so-called Bush bashing anti-Americans who were questioning the rational for war. You know, the people like Michael Moore and Susan Sarandon. Actually they/we were not only questioning the rational for war, we were answering those questions. Another thing the criminally complicit media did not do.

Without the complicity of the American news industry the invasion of Iraq would not have been tolerated. The ludicrous notion that “if we knew then what we know now we would not have supported the war” does not hold water because we did know then what we knew now! We have learned nothing new, not a thing. They sold this war for profit. The news industry knows that war = high ratings and newspaper sales. They lied to us so they can make a buck on the greatest strategic disaster in American history.

The American news industry as a whole has Iraqi & American blood on their collective hands and all the spin in the world won’t wash it off now! Think about it!

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