Who Let the Dogs Out…on Gorege W. Bush?

Who let the dogs out on George W. Bush all of a sudden? Who gave the OK for the media to finally inform the public that people, Republican people, are less than thrilled with the criminally insane leadership of the Project for a New American Century? Who OK’d the release of 5 years worth of information on which the media has been sitting?

There is virtually nothing new taking place right now. We know the war was based on lies. We knew about the lies. We knew about Cheney and his thirst for unaccountable executive power. We knew about the fact that Bush is a moron and he is kept isolated and fed selected bits of information that will cause him to make the decisions his feeders want him to make. We knew that Bush is nothing without Rove and that Cheney has run the show. We knew that every single public event was staged or childproofed so that George W. Bush did not have a nervous breakdown. We knew that his cabal exposed the identity of a CIA operative and we knew that anyone who told the truth about this administration was going to fall victim to them. We knew that torture and other violations of domestic and international law, were approved all the way up the chain of command.

We knew that the Bush/PNAC agenda has permitted the Bush/PNAC affiliate partners to profit beyond their wildest dreams without every having to answer for their blatant overcharging of the US taxpayers. There is nothing new being discussed. What is new is that the people who were speaking out are now being presented to the public. Remember all of those former US diplomats and senior military leaders who tried to warn the nation about this administration? You never saw them on TV did you? Why all of a sudden are we permitted to see the critics? Who gave the OK to dust off 3 year old information and show it to the people?

The only new event that has taken place recently is that someone gave the OK for regime change in the US. The people behind the scenes, perhaps the Trilateral Commission or the Council on Foreign Relations must have made the decision to dump this administration and the media are following orders and helping that to happen.

The people behind the scenes made their decision. They decided to let the people see a little of what has gone on. That is why we are now seeing on TV what the readers of TvNewsLIES.org and other real news sites have known all along. What you are witnessing is the power behind the scenes in action. This makes me wonder if they will ever approve the release of the real story of 9/11 for public consumption. Think about it!

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  2. Eckfan says:

    Wow! This s*** is deeper than I ever imagined. Thanks for mentioning the Trilateral Commission and the Council on Foreign Relations. We lost our free country a long time ago. I’ve got a lot of research to do. I’ve googled the Trilateral Commission just to see who the members are. Very interesting. Cheney, Wolfowitz, CLINTON, Skull and Bones. Probably most of them are members of the Bohemian Grove as well. Thanks for the heads up, Jesse. I feel ashamed that I haven’t looked into this before. I think I know why I haven’t, it’s truly sickening and scary.

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