Miers Withdrawal - A Corporate Media Assisted Diversion?

When there is a breaking news story the websites of the major “news” outlets usually lag behind the announced story. Sometimes, and I repeat, sometimes the websites get update with a simple headline and then eventually an article gets posted. There is usually a noticeable delay between the announcement of breaking news and the writing and posting of a news article.

Test this out for yourself. Any time there is breaking news on your TV sets check the website of the program or network that you are watching. As a matter of fact check several websites and you will realize what I am talking about.

The news about Harriet Miers backing out of her Supreme Court nomination appeared as a full article on CNN’s website at approximately 9:03 AM ET. CNN announced this as breaking news on TV at approximately 9:04 AM ET. This makes me wonder if this is another coordinated timed (not staged, but timed) event to distract or set up a pending distraction for the Bush administration. As usual the US media seems, and I repeat seems, to be playing along. In other words they are still part of the propaganda.

I have a feeling this is part of a plan to distract America from the pending incitements related to the Plame case. My guess, and this is just a guess, is that a major announcement related to a new nominee will follow and it will be timed to draw some news coverage away from the incitements. If the Bush people are smart they will nominate Rudolph Guliani. That will certainly attract attention and divert some coverage from the indictments.

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  1. ian says:

    It certainly is probable, distraction is a tool that’s often used. When the attack on Falluja started, in the UK the most popular tabloid, Rupert Murdoch’s Sun, wheeled out Maxine Carr and fed her to the wolves(huntly’s girlfriend, holly and jessica’s alleged murderer)and dug up another high profile child murder case (Jamie Bulger)and stirred people up with facts like Maxine Carr told Huntly to burn bodies, which if true would have meant her getting arrested, as she was found not guilty, of knowing anything about the killings. It worked a treat, it was the general conversation topic at work, “I knew that lying bitch was involved, you could tell by her eyes”,
    Meanwhile our brave lads were massacring civilions in Falluja, but they were just foreign people, who aren’t real and live far far away, and they must have somehow deserved it. ian

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