How Many People Were Killed in Iraq Today?

How many Americans died in Iraq this week so far? How many Iraqis? Have you heard these numbers on TV? Don’t be surprised if you start seeing body counts on your nightly newscasts. As I said before someone gave the order to the press to start reporting the information that they have been sitting on for several years. Keep an eye open for more news that is not new, only newly reported. Think about it!

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  1. rbank says:

    Jesse this is really interesting. Just what do you mean? Could you please tell us more. It almost sounds like for some reason they now want to get rid of w. Could it mean that when people died in NO they realized that they had messed up stealing the elections for them and/or could his drinking be making him really dangerous to their cause? I’m really disappointed about the inditement that it didn’t go alot futher. Beccy Bank

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