Hey NY Times: Go to Hell You Criminal Bastards!

The NY Times and the rest of the criminal corporate media are lying bastards! I can not repeat this enough: none of the information related to the Plame case that is being presented to the public by the corporate media is new. It is almost as if they are visiting sites such as TvNewsLIES.org, Buzzflash.com, Whatreallyhappened.com or the like and skimming through our archives. They are printing 2-3 year old news stories as if they are suddenly finding out new information during some kind of journalistic investigation.

There is no investigative journalism taking place. The criminals who work for the corporate media outlets are not leaving their desks or lifting their telephone handsets. They are doing google searches and they are reprinting information that was reported by real investigative journalists 2-3 years ago. The entire news industry has become Jason Blair! They are presenting work that is not theirs.

The NY Times has and the rest of the Times wannabes are pulling another scam on us.

  • First they closed their eyes when the Bush/PNAC administration stole the 2000 election.
  • Then they started their 5 plus year policy of pretending PNAC does not exist and has nothing to do with the Bush administration and with the events taking place.
  • Then they ignored the beginning stages of the invasions of Afghanistan & Iraq as well as the precursor to the events of 9/11…Dick Cheney’s secret energy policy meetings.
  • Then they ignored the multitude of convicted felons and their associates who were welcomed back to work in the very government that they criminally violated in the past. (This is why nobody should be surprised by the crimes of the Bush/PNAC administration that we are just now starting to admit!)
  • They ignored the unprecedented terrorist PMD (Policy of Mass Destruction) assault on our environment by the Bush administration.
  • Then they closed their eyes and pretended our nation was so incompetent that some novice pilots could outmaneuver our entire national defense apparatus and that they were so dangerous that they could make WTC Building 7 collapse to the ground by causing the simultaneous failure of every supporting column without even touching the building.
  • Then they ignored the dangers of the pre-written anti-Constitutional and anti-democracy Patriot Act.
  • Then they ignored all of the information that contradicted the Bush/PNAC administrations laughable lies about the threat that Iraq posed to the world.
  • Then they ignored the 26 senior diplomats and former senior military leaders who tried to warn the world of the damage that the Bush/PNAC administration is doing to our nation.
  • Then they ignored the blatant corruption related to the companies who make the machines that take and count our votes even though it placed a question mark over our democracy.
  • Then they ignored a second stolen election (third if you count the midterm election).
  • Then they ignored the fake news reports presented to the public as news.
  • Then they ignored the fake reporter who was added to the pathetic castrated White House Press Corps(e).
  • Then they ignored…welll…what haven’t they ignored?

Here is my comment to the phony bastards at the NY Times and the rest of the corporate media:
Go to Hell you criminal bastards! There is more blood on your hands than you can wipe off in a lifetime. The American people should turn their collective back on you and your co-conspirators in the corporate media. Your lies have helped damage our nation and our world. Your will forever occupy history’s hall of shame; the real history, not the history that your criminal media friends journal. We are still waiting for an apology for what you have done but what is even more important, we are still waiting for you to practice journalism for the sake of the democracy that we desperately need to save. Think about it!

  • UPDATE: Milwaukee Paper Apologizes for Accepting ‘Cooked’ WMD Evidence - The most important newspaper in its region finally apologized to readers for accepting “cooked” evidence about WMD in Iraq that helped lead to war in 2003. No, it was not The New York Times.

    In a column on Sunday, O. Ricardo Pimentel, editorial page editor at the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, wrote that, “Yes, regrettably on the matter of WMD, count us as among the many who were duped. We should have been more skeptical. For that lack of skepticism and the failure to include the proper caveats to the WMD claim, we apologize, though I would note that, ultimately, we didn’t believe that the president’s central WMD argument warranted war. Not then and especially not now.”

  • Cancel Your Subscriptions - The Time Has Come - WE MUST STOP FUNDING THE ENEMY - AND THE ENEMY IS OUR CORPORATE MEDIA! - We cannot continue to battle the beast while we finance its very existence!

3 Responses to “Hey NY Times: Go to Hell You Criminal Bastards!”

  1. fido says:

    Hey Jesse. You’re in flying form today. My sentiments exactly. Will a boycott work on these bought out propaganda distributors? I think not. Time to nuke their buildings and blame it on the arab terrorists. Worked for Bush and PNAC. Hells too good for them. Fry ‘em alive in their own pot of greasy slimey lies.

  2. ian says:

    I’m with you both it sounds better than listening to lying bastards on the box.

  3. wallstreet says:

    Oh yes, the Slimes is a criminal organization alright. The silence over glaring issues is tantamount to complicity. But this is nothing new for the gray lady to lay down and play dead. Fact is, they are multiple offenders. There silence concerning JFK, and Bobby Kennedy is particularly damning. The fabrication of The Gulf Of Tonkin Incident led this country to war forty years ago. The fabrications of WMD has led this country to irradiate a nation that posed no threat to us, and with the DU that has been used there it will be causing cancer and three headed deformed babies for next 9 billion years.

    The rag is dedicated to Israel first, American Jewish interests second, and it is used to protect the Jewish banking interests and is useful in promoting Jewish interests in the courts.

    Take a look at the institutional ownership of the Slimes, and the bankers are all there.

    How do you neuter this beast?

    Well, reducing the advertising and circulation is one way but the best way of putting this company out of its’ misery is to force it to clean up all the toxic waste they have stuffed into the landfills free of charge for over a hundred years.

    Prior to vegetable based ink, newsprint consisted of heavy metals like lead, mercury and a slew of other known deadly carcinogens.

    This paper was quick to push the hokum against Hooker Chemical at Love Canal, and what is good for the goose is certainly good for the gander.

    Make this criminal cabal fess up to the carcinogens in the landfills.

    At least 20% of the landfills are full of their poisons, and the stuff is not going away. The cancerous filth leeches into the water table. The effluent escaping from Fish Kill into New York harbor alone measures about a million gallons a day.

    Then you have to think about the Duranty Pulitzer type propaganda that they spread saying newspapers are sterile and non toxic. This lie motivated millions to wrap their fish in newspaper before freezing. Jesus, the cancer these criminals have caused with their poison over the last century is sad.

    Is it truly just a coincidence “Cancer Alley” is exactly where the NY Times distributed the paper? Is it just a coincidence Long Island leads the nation in breast cancer?

    Has anyone ever seen Pinchy Sultzberger drinking anything other than bottled water?

    How to commit murder on a grand scale and get away with it, one only needs to look at the NY Times.

    Putting the Times in bankruptcy is the best way to go.

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