America - The Epitome of Hypocrisy

When it comes to crime and punishment I am surely on the conservative end of the political spectrum. In my heart (not my head) in some cases I would rather see street justice practiced than watch a plea bargain play itself out. I do not think the feelings in my heart have a real place in a civilized world however.

That being said…even when it comes to street justice I strongly believe that we must make sure that the target of justice has actually committed a crime. So when the members of the Bush/PNAC administration, most notably the world hypocrisy record holder George W. Bush himself, gets up in front of the world and says (in relation to Scooter Libby) that in America we have a system of law that says a person is innocent until proven guilty I wonder why I feel like kicking him in the nuts! Is he kidding? How much hypocrisy can this guy display before the world just explodes in laughter?

We have a prison full of people who have been locked up for 4 years without even being charged with a crime. They are not allowed to see their lawyers either. We drop bombs and take over nations based on false accusations and no evidence (no due process of any kind). The US has become the prime example of everything we are fighting against and our so called president has the nerve to showcase a relentless flow of hypocrisy to the world as he embarrasses our once great nation. Keep in mind, the rest of the world is not as uninformed as we are…they see the hypocrisy…and with each dose that the Bush administration shoves down the world’s throat America becomes more of a joke in the eyes of the world.

Do you really need to look further than our hypocrisy when trying to figure out why anyone would hate this nation? Think about it!

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  1. ian says:

    I feel the same way Jesse, it’s just a matter of keeping trying to reach a larger audience, because if the people of the USA and UK knew what you know, they’d agree too. The Judith Millers of this world are the peoples real enemy, ’cause they’re just actors in a soap detached from reality.

  2. rbank says:

    When I got out of work tonight and heard what Harry Reid did today I was so very proud of him. It really took alot of guts…..I don’t think the republicans are aware that we are really getting fed up with their bull shit…..It just goes on and on….It really makes me sick….I just want to see the man impeached and held up on war crimes…..Now we get to pay for another trip overseas….Hell I can’t afford to go accross town to see my mother….

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