Nice Try Harry (Reid) But it Was Too Little, Too Late

Give me a break Harry Reid! NOW you ask about the evidence presented to the world related to Iraq? Why not ask this on the same day that it was announced in the UN in front of Colin Powel, that the evidence related to Niger were FORGERIES? Remember these words?:

ElBaradei’s U.N. presentation Friday, March 7, 2003: “Based on thorough analysis, the IAEA has concluded with the concurrence of outside experts that these documents which formed the basis for the report of recent uranium transaction between Iraq and Niger are in fact not authentic. We have therefore concluded that these specific allegations are unfounded. However, we will continue to follow up any additional evidence if it emerges relevant to efforts by Iraq to illicitly import nuclear materials.”

Now you are asking questions AFTER your Congress signed the OK to obliterate Iraq? Hey Harry…do you remember the 130 nations in the UN General Assembly that ALL voted against an invasion of Iraq? Were they fooled? Either you and your pals in Congress are completely incompetent idiots or your are lying bastard criminals. What do I think? - let’s just say I don’t think you are idiots.

You still haven’t even looked at the New Pearl Harbor gang’s (PNAC members in the White House) connections to 9/11 so why should we expect anything more from you when it comes to Iraq? If you were a doctor you would probably need to go to the cemetery so that you can dig up the patients you finally decide to treat. Nice try with your little closed door session; I am sure many Democrats fell for it - but the clich  “too little, too late” is an understatement in this case! Think about it!

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  1. dogzzzz says:

    Amen. Amen Amen.

    It’s amazing the number of Pusillanimous, low, base, crawling corrupt journalists, congressmen and senators are running ass over fist away from the Iraq thing and, amazingly, claiming to have been ‘taken in’ !!!

    How could these defenders and upholders of the constitution and journalistic integrity have been so easily duped? They are capable of the most amazing attention to detail in exposing things that they are apposed to. Yet when the BLATANT LIES and FAKE documents and dodgy dossiers are used to justify a pre-emptive war of aggression agains a nation, who according to the authors of an early draft of the dodgy dossier claimed was not a threat to us or even it’s own neighbours, these charlatons, cowards and theives claim ‘the whole world supports them. and that the proof was overwhelming!!!

    If you have to lie to justify war, the war ain’t just. PERIOD!

    As you say, they aint stupid, they are brazen, corrupt, evil bastards and need to face true justice. That, unfortunately, looks like it is not going to happen. It is probably just a case of ‘changing the litter paper on the bottom of a bird cage.’ Another bunch of criminals and traitors will be brought in to replace the ones that are just about to be thrown away.

  2. dogzzzz says:

    In addition to what I wrote about bird-cage liner ….

    “Cheney Taps Torture Memo Author to Replace Scooter Libby…
    On Monday, Vice President Dick Cheney appointed his legal counsel, David Addington, to be his new chief of staff following the resignation of Lewis “Scooter” Libby. Addington once wrote the war on terorrism has rendered the Geneva Conventions “obsolete.”"

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