This is the only NY Times front page that will accept. We want the media, starting with the Times, to admit that they lied. They were not fooled…they lied.

They were not duped about any issue. Not about 9/11, Iraq, stolen elections, global warming or the CIA leak. The media knew about everything. We have been reporting this for years. If anyone was duped it was the public and the dupers were the media…starting with the NY Times.

Click here to download full size image.'s NY Times Front Page

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  1. dogzzz says:

    That front page alone would break all sales records for a newspaper ever!

  2. [...] e truth? Think about it! Remember this: Where’s All the News That’s Fit to Print? DECEPTION-GATE! Posted by Jesse on Tuesday, December 20th, 2005 at 10 [...]

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