Confessions Welcomed.

Do you really think that it is possible that the entire corporate media apparatus was not aware of the information that our website made available to the public? Do you think that had some special top secret information source that was not even know to the NY Times, 60 Minutes or CNN?

If you do not believe that has some secret source of information then don’t accept the claim that the corporate news entities were “duped” by the Bush/PNAC administration. They had the same information as we did and they could have come to the same conclusions that we did. Actually we did not need to conclude much because we simply knew the truth. Nothing much to figure out here, especially when it came to Iraq.

So don’t fall for phony apologies with sympathetic claims that the Bush/PNAC administration duped everyone. The only thing you should accept is a confession of guilt. They lied. It’s as simple as that. There is no reason to accept an apology for the lies that have been told but it would be nice if they finally admitted their crimes. Think about it! – Jesse, Editor,

ON ANOTHER NOTE: Keep an eye on Bush’s visit the South America. I have a strange feeling that there may be some newsworthy events taking place down there. The fact that the security team came down with food poisoning may not be a coincidence. Just being paranoid!

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  1. ian says:

    Yep they knew Jesse, yet when I tried to tell work colleagues the truth I was ridiculed because they believe the media bullshit, and they’ll believe the media was duped, and they’ll believe the media when they make excuses for the government being duped by intelligence, and unless the media whores tell them to believe TV News Lies, instead of them, they’ll go on believing them because they’re brainwashed. I know I’m a cynical bastard, take care.ian.

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