Bill Maher & Tony Snow Continue the Saddam Lies

Bill Maher helped FOX News’ Tony Snow continue to lie to the public about Iraq. On Maher’s HBO show Tony Snow stated that women in Iraq are now permitted to attend college and they were not allowed to do so under Saddam. This is a lie and Maher let him get away with it. Women had equal rights under the Law when Saddam was in power. Women were permitted to attend college and hold any job that a man could hold including positions in government. They were not subject to Islamic laws that treat women like possessions owned and ruled by men. Another little tidbit that Snow left out was that a college education in Iraq was FREE and it was funded by oil money. Where do American oil profits go? Saddam may have been a tyrant, but there is more to the picture than the good and evil image that has been painted for us by the media. Think about it!

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  1. ian says:

    An excellent point Jesse, you could add that under Saddam everyone had free medical treatment, whereas now they can’t get it even if they pay. Our governments have done a good job demonising Saddam to the extent that it’s difficult to know what else is not true, for example Google, What really happened at Halabja, you’ll see what I mean. ian.

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