Political Sins - Dems Endulge, Repubs Kill

Let’s give some credit to the folks at the Corporation for Public Broadcasting. They did not put up with the political hack that had recently been appointed to lead them. The purpose of the appointment was to make sure public broadcasting shifted their content from accurate information to more conservative political & social content. Well that did not last long. It actually has given me a little hope for the future of broadcast news and information.

It also did not take this Republican political hack to get into trouble. He is already under investigation. That didn’t take too long! How dirty can the GOP get? Let’s face it, both Democrats and Republicans in office are criminals but at least when a Democrat is breaking laws or acting unethically it usually is for personal gain (or pleasure), nobody actually gets hurt (in the literal sense) or killed and for the most part it does not weaken the nation. The same can not be said about Republican wrongdoings. Think about it!

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