Covering Bush Protests; Why Start Now?

Did you see the coverage of the protests against George W. Bush in Argentina? Why was there more coverage this protest against Bush than there was of all the protests against him globally, combined? George. W. Bush is arguably the most protested figure in human history so why all of a sudden did we see extended coverage of this now? I attended at least 3 protests where there were so many participants that you could not see where the crowd ended with your eyes, you needed binoculars! Yet these massive protests were hardly mentioned by our media even the one was so large that the NYC Lexington Avenue subway system had to be shut down due to over capacity. Keep that in mind the next time you hear on the news how many people the use the NYC subway each day.

As I said before, someone let the dogs loose on the Bush administration. Someone allowed reality to be exposed for the first time on 5 years. Who is allowing this and why? What changed and who changed it? Keep in mind there is nothing new going on…this is mostly old news. Protests are nothing new when it comes to Bush; showing the American public the protests however, is very new. Nothing has changed except the coverage. Think about it!

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  1. rbank says:

    Thanks Jesse, that’s what I started to think….I know that the democrates have tried to do thing before now also so why are we finally hearing about it? Is this good or is this scary?I have been watching things very closely for 5 years. They didn’t talk about the protests on Spet 26, But they still talk about things that I could care less about. Beccy

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