Cheney’s Energy Meetings, Iraq Oil & 9/11 - A TVNL Reminder

From the day I created I have claimed that the truth behind both 9/11 and the invasion of Iraq can be found by investigating Dick Cheney’s secret energy policy meetings. Judicial Watch was successful in forcing Cheney, by way of lawsuit, to disclose the fact that maps of Iraqi oil fields and energy infrastructure were included in the meeting documentation.

The common sense question is this: How could Cheney include Iraq’s oil resources as part of our energy policy if we had no diplomatic or business relationship with them? Iraq was under sanctions. What business did Cheney have with Iraq’s energy infrastructure? No dealings with Iraq were possible unless something drastic were to happen, like an invasion and occupation. How could he have anticipated such a change when only an event like 9/11 would have made that possible?

Why did Cheney’s maps include the entire energy infrastructure? Could it be because his pals, the energy industry profiteers who attended the meeting had something to gain financially when it came time to rebuilding the Iraqi energy infrastructure after Cheney’s military war profiteers destroyed it?

The invasion of Iraq was a jackpot for the war profiteers who destroyed Iraq and for the post war profiteers who rebuilt Iraq. And let’s not forget about the oil companies who will now make money on oil that used to belong to the people of Iraq and has now been parceled out to the thieves by the conquerors of Iraq’s resources. (You can scream all you want about how Saddam used his oil money for his palaces and for his personal use but he also provided, with that oil money, free health care, free education through college and an industrialized Iraq for his people! Where does American oil money go? How’s your medical coverage these days?)

Again we submit clear evidence that Dick Cheney, a PNAC member, had motives for conducting, enabling or permitting the events of 9/11 to take place and he was in a position to carry it out. And by virtue of the facts that Iraq’s resources were included in his planning, it indicates that Dick Cheney was actually anticipating those events.

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  1. ian says:

    You hit the nail on the head with this one Jesse, when you state the facts as simply, the truth stares you in the face. It’s obvious that the very least, this criminal is guilty of is enabling or facilitating 9/11, but with so much to gain, my money’s on him being the brains behind the criminal cabal who carried out the treasonous act.

  2. mcbride says:

    great point! you always have the best commentary on the issues that are most important to us all right now. i always read what you have to say before i search the news services and groups. you are above the rest in your insight and perception. yes, what were maps of iraq doing at that metting? so many little clues…

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  4. Kobidog says:

    The US Has never used oil from Iraq and never will.
    You are a fool to even think this way.

  5. Jesse says:


    It is part of the public record. The maps and infrastructure documentation were used during Cheney’s meetings. This was disclosed in court.

    It is not a “think” it is a fact!

  6. archangelmichael says:

    Hello People,

    Well lets just say that the Final Judge will make sure that these treasonous individuals will be treated accordingly. Cheney and Bush are equally evil. But, I believe you are all failing to include two other Evil Doer’s, and possibly more evil than Bush and Cheney. They are Joe Leiberman and Condoleezza Rice. They are all guilty of the greatest sin ever committed. All of them on their own make Hitler and Saddam Hussein look like little choir boys. My final words to these Demons would be “upon your death, brace yourselves, as you are in for the most painful eternal life possible”. In addition, although I am not a violent man, I would not have a problem signing a Death Warrant for all of these Fiends and I would also include permission to give them the most slowest and painful death possible.

  7. Craneger says:

    Hmmm . . . until recently I thought that oil was one of the big reasons for this war, but now I think that the oil and its potential exploitation are only poker chips in a bluffing game. The oil is part of the cover story - the real strategy is based on the One World Order. The EU, NAU, African Union, all seem to afford no real obstacles, BUT the Middle East and Asian politics, as well as the oriental cultures in general, would NEVER submit to a New (Western) Order, so, lo and behold, our new “enemies” are China and Iran . . .

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