Hey Chris Mathews…You are a Lying Bastard Too!

Last night MSNBC’s Chris Mathews was talking with Tucker Carlson and Ron Reagan Jr. They were almost laughing about the fact that at the start of the Iraq invasion 70% of America thought that there were Iraqi nationals on the list of 19 alleged hijackers on 9/11. They also laughed at the fact that at the time of the 2004 election 70% of America believed that WMD have been found in Iraq.

They acted surprised that people believed this and they seemed to point the blame at the Bush administration. Well guess what - 100% of that 70% get their information from the corporate media, not from the Bush administration! Guess what Chris - that’s you!

Hey Mr. Mathews - although you are trying to act like you are a journalist these days you are not fooling me. I watched you take part in the deception. Everyone watched you lie for 5 years. So I’ll tell you what will come on your program and talk about the 70% of America who were either stupid or duped. I’ll talk about your role in misinforming that 70%. Then we’ll see how giggle-worthy the facts are? I’ll bring some bleach so that you can try to wash some of the blood stains off of your hands - but I doubt history will let you do the same. I’ll be waiting for your invitation :-) Think about it!

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  1. ian says:

    Don’t hold your breath Jesse. They’re cowards like the worst chickenhawks in government.

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