The Professor & Tucker Carlson Talk 9/11, Or Do They?

Last night on MSNBC Tucker Carlson interviewed Stephen E. Jones, the BYU professor who has prepared a report suggesting the WTC buildings were demolished with explosives. On the program promo Carlson introduced Professor Jones by saying. “He doesn’t appear crazy but we’ll find out!” Is this how a journalist frames a story of this magnitude?

During the interview the hyperactive Carlson barely let Jones make a point. Then it became painfully obvious that Carlson would not show the film of WTC 7 collapsing even though Jones sent him the film and repeatedly asked him to play it.

Carlson was so impatient and scattered that he did not let Jones get a convincing point across. Then of course, they ran out of time. They had no more time to dedicate to the most important topic in American history yet they had time to speak with a guy from ESPN about nothing That’s right, his next guest just chatted about things. No specific topic. Carlson’s behavior was so erratic that he apologized for the fact that they never got to the point with Jones.

Why don’t people like Jones speak with people like me before they expose themselves to the wolves of the media? Carlson, as are most of the talking heads in the media, are professional debaters. It is unfair to subject someone with no debating experience to an interview with people like that. Tucker is also an example of how people who do not even know the definition of journalism dominate TV news. How long are the networks going to be permitted to call themselves “news” networks? Think about it!

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