Hey Woodward, What if Your “Source” Raped Your Mother?

I have a little question for Bob Woodward…do you know what the word “journalism” means? You mentioned that protecting your sources was “job one” in a situation like the one you are in. Where does it mention this in the definition of journalism? In which class did they teach that to you?

Here is another question…if you were writing a book on sex crimes and you interviewed a man and all of a sudden it became apparent that he had raped your mother, would protecting your sources still be job one?

Now we all know how to get away with crimes…we tell every journalist what we did confidentially. Then they can all protect their source, even when that source is a criminal, just like Woodward! Think about it!

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  1. rbank says:

    I’m so disappointed that a hero from the 1970’s would over cover to a worse administration. I am also very tired of the media broadcasting every last word the idiots mouth to smear others and then cut of the sentence of someone defending themselves. Beccy

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