Leave the Troops, Pull the Administration!

In a decision reminiscent to Clemenza’s in the Godfather, when he told his partner to “leave the gun” that he just used to murder someone, and instead he should “take the cannoli”, an Italian pastry that he had with him at the time of the murder…I say “Leave the troops, pull the administration!”

We obliterated Iraq at the behest of the PNAC/George W. Bush administration. We can not leave the people there to fend for themselves against the despots whom we have empowered. But we should remove the dangerous lunatics that ignored every warning about how their insane venture would turn out and forced it upon the world anyway.

Their little venture seems to be the most costly and damaging man made disaster in US history. The people who started this “project” are either insane, incompetent or they did this on purpose. In any case they should not be allowed to continue to control anything, especially a nation and a military! There is no reasonable justification for permitting people who cause this much damage to our nation to remain in the position in which they have already failed. If you look at it from a business point of view you would not keep a CEO that caused your business to take its worse financial losses ever while at the same time turning the public against your products and brand name. Why would we permit this kind of management when it comes to our nation?

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  1. ian says:

    Great idea Jesse, you can have Tony Blair and his entourage too, put them all in Abu Graib stripped naked with bags on their heads. A bit of stress position stuff, a few dogs, sleep deprivation, sexual humiliation, rotten food, the works. Perhaps then a couple of years in Guantanamo Bay. Then they would be in a better position to decide what constitutes torture. If we filmed their treatment, we could sell the videos and the money could go to rehabilitating people who have been abused in Iraq. I’ll take a boxed set.

  2. rbank says:

    Thank you Jesse, finally someone else has said basically the same thing I have been thinking for a long time. Collin Powell was right when he said Iraq was like the Pottery Barn, if you break it you have to fix it. I hate this war and begged my congressman and Senators not to allow it to happen. My Senator is Carl Levin and he did try to stop it and spoke out against it. My suggestion to the congress and senate is to admit that w and friends stole the election, put either John Kerry or Al Gore in office. Turn W and his father and friends over to the world court to be held up on war crimes and then we could tell the world we are sorry for this big mistake and I am sure they would help us. Of course I hate to have someone else have to clean after george’s messes, the man has not been held responsible for anything in his life. My question is why does the republican party hate us so much that they would put someone in office that is a drunk with 3 failed businesses? Although my heart bleeds for the mothers who have lost their sons I am terrorised by the horrible things their children and w’s administration has done to the country of Iraq. I have tried it all calling my congress people, demonstrating and praying. Almost 10,000 American’s have died because george stole two elections. That’s not counting the people killed in Afganistan and the people who die at the hospital and they don’t tell us about. The Celtic belief system believes that when leader is evil, nature distroys. I guess we are now seeing that happen. Beccy

  3. Jesse says:

    Ian…you are a genius!

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