Hey Stupid, It’s Our Insurgency!

Hey, all you idiots who think stopping the insurgency in Iraq will translate into a “victory” for the US…remember this…WE CREATED THE INSURGENCY!

How do you take credit for fixing a problem that you created? It’s incredible that the US is not receiving outright blame for every act of violence that is taking place in Iraq. Car bombs and suicide bombers are US imports into Iraq. So are IEDs for that matter. So is a new brand of torture. So is the use of chemical weapons. So are the new mass graves needed to bury all of the murdered civilians (murdered by US troops or by the US actions that places them in harms way by exposing them to civil war!) None of this started until the US invasion obliterated Iraq.

It amazes me that the family members of our fallen soldiers have not formed a lynch mob to collect all of the PNAC members of the Bush administration along with George Tenet. They should storm Congress for that matter as well! Their loved ones died over lies…nothing but lies! Is anyone stupid enough to still believe that our “freedom” was being threatened? Actually our freedom was being threatened, but it was not by the Iraqis, it was threatened by John Ashcroft and the members of Congress who signed the Anti-Constitution Act, better known as the Patriot Act!

Here is the deal…every violent death taking place in Iraq as result of military or insurgent related activity must be blamed on the US. The PNAC/Bush administration is responsible for all the mayhem and instability taking place right now as a result of the invasion. And I have news for you, everyone who supported this little venture is equally to blame. Think about it!

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  1. ian says:

    I think it’s a bit harsh blaming the members of public who backed the war. Who was it said “Forgive them Lord for they know not what they do”
    I would love to join you in roasting alive the criminal bastards in Government and the Media, as they knew exactly what they were and still are doing. Your site is great Jesse as good as anything I see on the net, but we’re small fish.
    The talking empty heads on the goggle box hypnotize the sheeple, constantly.
    Some of the media recently mentioned or touched on the recent confirmations that they used white phosphorous munitions in Falluja last year, on civilians as well as insurgents, well they wriggled and squirmed for almost a day. Then low and behold, some brave US troops rescued 179 Iraqi prisoners starved tortured etc by some bad Iraqi’s. This happened while they were looking for a lost 15 year old boy. Hmmmmmmmm? You can be held captive by the US/UK troops for up to a year without being officially registered, so the “boy” could have been anywhere.
    Another warning bell sounded when you remember that we used White Phosphorous on women and babies, and tortured innocent people in Abu graib, but they go looking for a missing boy, yeah right. It was all over the media like a rash, and was used to dissapate the flak from the white Phosphorous scandal. US troops rescue kids,(good)Iraqi guards torture people (bad). distract and misinform.

  2. Annamarie says:

    I agree with Jesse. The blood of innocents is on the hands of everyone who supported this terrible, immoral war. I, for one, have never believed the Busheviks’ lies from day one, and was totally aghast when the first bombs fell on Iraq. Up until the last moment, I had naively hoped they would not go through with it. I still have a hard time understanding how so many Americans who call themselves peaceful, went along with this heinous invasion of a sovereign nation. I am flabbergasted that so many still believe it was the ‘right thing’ to do. I cannot understand the mentality of such people. I think Jesse put it so very well in his Thanksgiving article. I suggest everyone read it!

    To you, Jesse, peace… as always.

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