Chemical Weapons, Bad; Conventional Weapons, Good? Are We All Insane?

Chemical weapons, bad; conventional weapons, good? What the hell kind of logic is that? The world has given the Good Housekeeping seal of approval to bullets, bombs, nuclear weapons, missiles and a plethora of devices designed to kill and maim people in the most brutal ways but it will not give the thumbs up to some other ways of destroying life? Where is the logic in this? Are they really concerned over the suffering that people will experience during their last moments of life? Are we all mad? Does anyone think that someone who has had his or her face blown off by an approved weapon experiences an acceptable amount of suffering? How insane is the human race? Doesn’t anyone else see the absurdity in this?

If you are going to permit killing, then permit killing. Stop trying to look like some sort of civilized humanitarian. It’s embarrassing to watch adults talk about which weapons are OK to use while they are obliterating living beings! There is no word in the English language that can accurately describe the levels of absurdity and hypocrisy this issue represents.

A Dutch business man is going to face charges because he sold Saddam Hussein chemical weapons but Donald Rumsfeld, who facilitated arming Saddam to the teeth, will surely get a high paying job at a weapons manufacturer when he leaves the Bush/PNAC administration.

Did you ever hear George Carlin’s comedy routine about the 7 dirty words that we are not allowed to say on TV? The same routine can be performed about weapons.

Imagine that someone is going to kill you and the only unacceptable aspect is this would be if the murder weapon used is not listed in the official catalogue! Unreal! I can not possibly express how insane this is! If it was not so horrific it would this would be laughable! Think about it!

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  1. ian says:

    Yes Jesse, war is barbaric, and being a peace lover, I was very much against this unnecessary carnage in Iraq, however countries will demand the right to have an army. I don’t agree with you about it being rediculous to have legal weapons and illegal ones. Yes you are equally as dead, regardless of what killed you, but poison gas, and burning weapons are horrific, and yes I think they are more horrific than bullets and high explosives. I don’t think this is an absurd argument, I mean look at the furore the beheadings caused, purely because it is loads more gruesome,than say shooting someone. I feel poison gas, (remember Wilfred Owens Dulce et Decorum)and burning substances should be banned under international law (for what that’s worth).
    Ok you can have a gruesome painful death by shooting or bombing, but with white phosphorous it’s gauranteed.

  2. Annamarie says:

    While I sort of understand where Ian is coming from, I still feel as Jesse does that there is no acceptable way of killing. Killing is wrong, regardless of the weaponry used, by whom, upon whom… As for nations needing to keep armies, I still am naive enough to hope for a time in the future when instead of armies, nations will have groups of people helping one another, across borders — wherever — to aid with natural disasters, crops, irrigation, building, reforestation, keeping watch over water levels and levees, fighting forest fires and other such humane, non-war activities. Manufacturers of tanks, humvees and such, could instead make sturdy agricultural machinery. Arms manufacturers could be making life saving instead of life taking equipment. All of the mega-corporations now involved in the making of war machines, could instead be making machines used for alternate, sustainable, clean energy. Money still could be made, perhaps not as fast and not as obscenely much as what is now made for waging war, but think how much better for our planet and all its inhabitants this would be! Sounds far-fetched, utopic? Maybe. Sounds unrealistic? Not really, if strong, humane world leaders took the initiative — took the first step in this direction. Would most human beings rather live in peace than wage wars? You bet. It’s the leaders who wage wars, the regular people would rather eat, work, live, spend time with their families than fight for a piece of land or a commodity such as oil, especially if an egalitarian plan would be worked out, where everyone had their fair share of our planet’s resources and wealth. Sure, there would still be corrupt, greedy despots, but they would be gradually weeded out of existence and power by a united, peaceful majority. Will I see such a world in my lifetime? No. However, if humankind wants to continue to inhabit this planet for much longer, they will have to make a complete about-face — a reversal — of the warmongering, destructive, wasteful, polluting, greedy, corrupt, ways of today. Our ravaged planet will not be able to sustain us much longer.

    Before any of you reading this go off half-cocked and accuse me of being a ‘commie bitch’, let me clarify a few things about myself. I was born in Eastern Europe during the height of the Stalinist regime’s reign of terror. As a little girl, I had personally witnessed friends and family members being hauled off in the middle of the night, to be interrogated, tortured, imprisoned — some of them disappeared into ‘gulags’, never to be heard from again, dead or presumed dead. I had lived in a society where neighbour spied on neighbour, civil liberties were annihilated, freedom of speech and the press were non-existent. Only pro-government propaganda was allowed. And from what my parents and grandparents told me, it all started gradually, this erosion of a once thriving, vibrant society. The government slowly, insidiously passed the laws, after indocrinating the populace, one boot step at a time. Finally, the people could take this living hell no longer, so they organized a revolt, picked up arms, and fought the occupier and its puppets. Fighting took place in the streets, in my street also, where I saw much death and destruction. My best friend, another little girl, came running down the street toward my house, childishly unaware of the danger. I was looking out my window, as she got caught in the crossfire and fell to the ground in front of my door. I brought her inside. Half her tiny face was missing, a bloody pulp hung from a shoulder, blood seeped through the front of her blouse. I screamed for my Uncle the doctor, but it was too late. My friend died in my arms, her blood mingling with my tears. She was nine years old, as was I….

    So please do not equate my wish for an egalitarian, just, humane, peaceful world with the totalitarian tyranny of Communism. I know of which I speak, and those terrible memories indelibly etched in my mind forever still cause many sleepless nights and unimaginable nightmares forty years later….

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