It’s About the Lies That Dragged Us to Iraq - It’s NOT About the Solution!

The media has successfully spun the questions surrounding the lead up to war into a question of what should get done now. As Democrats and some Republicans continue to ask questions about how we got to the point of invading Iraq the media as turned the tables on them and spun the issue and are now pressing the point that the Democrats do not have a better game plan for getting out of Iraq.

Well, let me be the first to point out that there are two separate questions here. While the media has placed on the Democrats the burden of coming up with a better plan to deal with the quagmire in Iraq the more important question relates to the issues surrounding the LIES that led to war.

The people who want to know if high crimes were committed during the process of going to war do not need to have an exit strategy before they investigate criminal activity of the highest order by the administration. This would be like asking the people who impeached Clinton if they had a plan to save Clinton’s marriage and clean Monica’s dress!

The real issues that we need to address relate to lies that led to the invasion of Iraq. We have to stop asking the police for their plans to clean up the crime scene instead of letting them investigate and arrest the criminals.

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  1. ian says:

    What you say is very true Jesse, Bush lied, Cheney lied, Rumsfelt lied, but Cheney and Rummy are as slippery as a bucket of greased eels, and will need dragged from power, I was going to say kicking and screaming, but probably sniffing into their handkerchiefs. There was so much crap spouted to get this war up and running allbeit on 3 cylinders, and the media went along, neck and neck with government, they didn’t need dragged. Judith Miller has a lot to answer for, as has Rupert Murdochs Sun Newspaper in Britain. I have a horrible feeling however, that it will all be smoothed over by a fawning and obedient press, and even 9/11 will go the way of the JFK assassination and several other huge crimes carried out by behind the scenes government operatives.
    I hope I’m wrong and if I am proved wrong it will be because of the internet and sites like this one Jesse. Keep up the good work, while we can still find the truth there is hope.

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