Thanksgiving Day Reality Check

Today is Thanksgiving Day in America. Today is the day we are supposed to give thanks for what we have. We are supposed to give thanks for the privilege if living in “the greatest nation in the world”, whatever that means. Today is the day we celebrate the wonderful history of America and all the wonderful things about this nation.

Today we are not supposed to think about how we got this wonderful land. We are not supposed to remember the people who lived here before we “discovered” America. We are not supposed remember how we slaughtered the indigenous people of this nation; people who were decent and hard working. They were not “freedom hating” “evil” people. They were people of God who cared for their land, water and air as God would have. People whose nation we now occupy.

And in a sentiment that personifies American self righteousness we see what we want to see and we celebrate this day without thought one about the good people whose land we stole and whose dignity we destroyed.

As America continues its assault on human dignity, human rights, the health of the earth and of the perception of reality I have stopped fooling myself into believing how perfect we are for if we continue to ignore our faults we can never correct them.

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  1. ian says:

    Ease up on yourself Jesse, if all Americans were like you, and most are, if we could undo the brainwashing, America could be a utopia. An America like the America in the old black and white B movies. Where right was right, and fairness and honesty were portrayed as admirable characteristics. Take it easy, happy thanksgiving to everyone in the USA.

  2. rbank says:

    Thanks Jesse. I remember the history books in school and then I remember the anthropology books I read in college. My grandfather was part Indian. The Indian part of me was ashamed of the sins of the white blood running through my veins. THe Indians were our friends. The settlers would have died without their help. And we killed them. It was alright to kill them because they did not believe and worship the same god we did. Christians killed people of different faiths during the middle ages. Christians killed off the celts or changed their belief system. In college I was taught to accept people for who they were not by their beliefs, that their beliefs were right for their culture. I wonder where the world would be today if the Christians had learned to live with other people instead of trying to convert or kill. BOth the Indian and Celtic beliefs would have taught us to be one with nature and to share with others. THe moslems would have taught us how to be civilized years before we as white Christians learned how to read.

    Today I spent 7 hours with w supporters. They do not realize that something is very wrong. I know now why the Germans allowed a million people to be killed. They were in their own little world and believed what they were told. The sad part is that they treat you like there is something wrong with you that you don’t think the same. I am thankful for what I have but my heart breaks for the country and the world. Beccy

  3. Annamarie says:

    Thank you Jesse, and you too rbank for telling it like it is. It is heartening to know there are still some rational, sane, thinking, feeling, human beings with a real conscience in America. I am a Canadian, but have lived and travelled extensively thoughout the U.S. so I know what you are talking about. The American republic was forged on the blood of the indigenous peoples who inhabited this land. It is not something Americans should be proud of.

    And yes, Christians too, should be ashamed of their role in the bloodshed and destruction of so many throughout history. The armies of the Crusaders burned, pillaged and plundered the great, ancient cities of the old world, where great civilizations thrived and had cultures beyond anything envisioned by the Crusading barbarian zealots. The wonderful, invaluable libraries of Alexandria were but an example of such barbarous destruction. Christianity — like America — was built and propagated on the blood of multitudes of good people, whose only misfortune was that their religious beliefs differed from those of the invaders. Religion, when taken to a zealous, proselytising, fundamentalist level, becomes highly destructive, harmful, barbaric weapon. Just look through the pages of history — and to the present — to see the horrors wreaked upon peoples in the name ‘converting the heathens’. Look at the happy, innocent Hawaiians, the Polynesians, the great Mayans and Incas, the Eskimos (Inuit), nation states in Africa, and indeed the Celts and our own North American Native Peoples. The ‘white man’ with his Christianity has bloodied and desecrated our planet. Only the far-flung empires of the Mongolian steppes and the Chinese (who had the foresight to build their Great Wall around their ancient empire) have remained unscathed by the White Christian Terror.

    I am a white woman, born in Eastern Europe, brought up a not overly-practicing Catholic, and I am ashamed by the role my long-ago ancestors have had in this bloodshed, destruction, mayhem, gross inhumanity against our fellow human beings. I had long ago abandoned any semblance of my childhood religious upbringing, and am more in tune with a pantheistic, earth-and-universe based spirituality. Whenever I can, I attend Native Pow-wows, circle dances, or simply camp outside in the forest on a warm, star-filled summer’s night, listening to the sounds of nature and watching the fireflies… This is when I feel the closest spiritual One-ness with All There Is…

    I cannot understand the fundamentalist, narrow-minded W supporters, and won’t even try. Their mentality is totally alien to me. Does that make me strange? Perhaps…

    Jesse and rbank, when you have a few minutes, please read my comment about Jesse’s Monday, November 21 post, “Chemical Weapons, Bad; Conventional Weapons, Good? Are We All Insane?” You will then understand a little better about why I always seem to agree with your views and ways of thinking. Also, please check out my blog: verbena-19 and let me know what you think. Leave a comment too, as I need feedback, since I am new to this, and not sure what/how I’m doing. All I know is, that like you, I feel the need to get the message of reason and sanity out, and disseminate it as far and wide as possible. Our world is in dire straits, and voices like ours need to be heard. Perhaps, eventually enough people will listen and think, and come to similar conclusions, and raise their voices too… Maybe some positive changes will come about before it is too late… All I can do is hope, and keep on trying, in my own humble way.

    Best regards and peace to both of you.
    Annamarie ~

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